Comparative Analysis: Axie Infinity vs. Defi & Community Alpha
Axie Infinity Paly to Earn Games

Comparative Analysis: Axie Infinity vs. Defi & Community Alpha

The kind of wave that is presently ongoing on play-to-earn games is far and beyond imagination. And the axie infinity game stands atop all of that revolution and maturation of blockchain games in this decade. Moreover, the recent developments in the decentralization of the cryptocurrency ecosystem made the mechanism something of immense importance. Meanwhile, the number of people depending on this system is fast increasing. 

In other words, as the number of new NFT owners is increasing, the collectibles are becoming more and more scarce and limited to get. As a result, the fixed assets are rising in value while the entire cryptocurrency community is growing in interest and demand. On the other hand, the increasing importance also makes the system look more like a “buy and earn” than “play to earn” for axie infinity game and NFT games. 

The Uniqueness of the Axie Infinity Community

In a decentralized blockchain technology system for play-to-earn games, the players are granted the opportunity to influence the direction of their investments. The process may include creating new content, including the NFTs, evangelizing the progress, and creating positive environments within the community. These improvements already symbolize a complete turn from the traditional ecosystem but are still not as straightforward as in the case of P2E games. 

Comparative Analysis: Axie Infinity vs. Defi & Community Alpha

As for axie infinity game, the community alpha introduced the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanic by adding two simultaneous changes.

  • The first was an introduction of SLPs, a type of Love Potions required to breed the players’ Axies. As a result, it can increase the breeding difficulty that players can face, such as difficulty with mining. 
  • The second change is the earning of Love Portions that comes from play axie infinity game

Below are some of the interesting behaviors that have been developed from the above changes

  • Axie Infinity players can now begin to introduce their real-world friends and family to the game to earn more SLPs.
  • A community of Uniswap pools for SLP is set up. From there, the players can view the game contract and gain access to the Uniswap SLP market

One huge benefit is that players who earn a small SLP can easily trade them for ETH coins. This possibility also shows a passive income stream to the game investors, who can now freely interact with the game for profits. 

Significance of Axie Infinity and Defi as an NFT Games

Comparative Analysis: Axie Infinity vs. Defi & Community Alpha

In the early process of NFT gaming technology, there are particular implications that axie infinity game and Defi have on overall development. Let us consider a few of them

  1. Now, the NFT game players have the privilege of liquidating the tokens they earn from the time and effort input into the game. As a result, the benefit of the “peer-to-contract” liquidity is that NFT owners can easily capture them. On the other hand, the peer-to-contract systems like Compound, Uniswap, and MakerDAO are behind the massive growth of Defi. Also, this growth is beneficial in that it can have a substantial impact on the user-facing Dapps. 
  2. In addition, the development has also led to the provision of more compelling answers on the benefits that are available from building a decentralized game. Moreover, there are a plethora of functionalities that come with NFT games that are clearly beyond the reach of traditional games. One can also get hooked up with the “money legos” in games like UNiswap.
  3. The games and their user-facing applications are also growing in usability to become an onboarding mechanism for the Defi. Also, the accumulation of the Defi space means that the applications can continue to increase by providing much more entertainment to the players. It also supports practical applications through the available distribution channels. 

What is the future of Play-to-Earn Games?

The fantastic thing about playing to earn games familiar to Axie Infinity and Defi is the amount of fun that players can get. Moreover, while playing, experiments show that play-to-earn games possess mechanics that are here to stay. Similarly, the gamers and stakeholders within the community are passionate about taking things further than they have ever been.

Furthermore, when hosting competitive tournaments in this game, having tokens as the reward, they are rewarded for skilled gameplay. Moreover, the source of the tips may be sponsors, who bring in fresh capital into the system. As a result, the system is not always waiting for the new players to join before providing the assets.

If you examine some of the existing mechanisms, you also get to share a part of their direct sales and fees in the community. At the same time, it makes the game more rewarding for the game players and can quickly grow the network by luring potential players with the benefits.

Comparative Analysis: Axie Infinity vs. Defi & Community Alpha

Axie Infinity with its Application Community

Now that the Axie Application Community Alpha is live, players can begin to gain access to the official engagement. So if you own three or more Axies in the game and have been playing in the technology for a while, there is a lot to gain. The new game has taken a giant stride towards a better user experience and profit from NFT game trading. Also, it has taken the right step forward within the axie infinity game, where the blockchain gaming technology. 

They also come with multiple device compatibility, including mobile devices and other multiple-player platforms. Players can now reach the pinnacle of their careers while the unity-based game comprises the cornerstone of the projected growth. As their experience grows, players can feel more comfortable as mainstream users. It can also enhance the opportunity for a viral referral mechanism where one player can introduce many other players from their circle of influence. 

The Axie Infinity card

There are four unique abilities of the Axie cards, and they all stem from the body parts of the Axies. For instance, each of the cards is labeled with the body parts of the Axies, such as the mouth, tail, back, and head. Moreover, the earning of each card adds a remarkable ability to the trainer’s deck. Also, you play in teams, and each group comprises 3 Axies with a minimum of 24 cards for each tier. 

The players can also add a new item to the card on the deck. At the same time, you can send it to the Discard pile when you exhaust the card. And any card that hits the discard pile can be returned to the main deck at some other time in the game. In that case, the card can be redrawn over time. However, you can only use this card once n the match.