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Use Mobile Phone Charging Stations Safely

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Monday, 05 September 2011 06:00

You may have come across a mobile phone charging station at some point; in shopping centres, airports, train stations, hotels and maybe even certain shops. Even if you haven't, as time moves on and the number of smartphones in UK households increases, more and more will be popping up all over the UK, until they become as familiar to you as public payphones. You won't be able to recall a time when running out of mobile phone charge was inevitable, and invariably happened during an important call. Charging your phone in an emergency or while out and about will be as convenient as getting money from a high street cash machine.

Lets face it, today's high spec smartphones are high maintenance, hungry little beasts that show no mercy to their owners. After a full night of charging, an hour or so mornings usage can leave your android flagging and threatening to be comatose by lunch time. It's a right pain to have to lug a personal phone charger with you everywhere you go. What happens if you always have a charger to hand but, as is bound to happen, you forget it or can't find it for the life of you?

Public mobile phone charger at an airport.

Usually, a flat phone battery is just an annoyance, nothing more, and leaves you with an hour to kill during your lunchbreak; you would normally be catching up with friends on Facebook (arranging a drink after work maybe), playing games or making important appointments/organizing your life with the aid of the countless android apps. There are times when it's imperative that you locate a public mobile phone charging station, plus a charged mobile phone is an important item to carry with you for your personal safety.

Use Public Phone Chargers Safely

For as little as £1 you can charge your mobile in 10/20 minutes. It's important to be aware that you can never be sure your phone wont be getting more than a charge, especially if you aren't sure of the vendor. Unscrupulous public charging stations may pose a security threat,  introducing malware to your android or downloading unwanted, malicious data to your phone as it charges.

To protect your mobile from security risks while using public mobile phone charging stations, simply make it a habit to switch your phone off completely, enabling your mobile phone to charge safely.

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