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Uninstalling Apps Removed from Android Market

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 06:00

If like me you regularly tend your applications, pruning any apps from your android's memory that have served their purpose and are now little more useful than dandelions, you may have come across the same issue as myself at some point.

I generally uninstall my unwanted apps either via App 2 SD or from the Android Market where I initially installed them. The problem I've stumbled across just lately, is that as apps are beginning to get removed from Android Market for various reasons such as malware, I've been unable to uninstall using my default methods. Although they show up in App 2 SD (they disappear completely from Android Market), if you try to uninstall them it simply states 'The requested item could not be found'.


Manage Applications

The solution is actually the way you should use as your default method in the first instance. If your phone is HTC, the instructions are as follows, for other phones use equivalent options:

  • Press menu from homescreen
  • Tap - Settings
  • Tap - Applications
  • Tap - Manage applications
  • Search for app you wish to install from list
  • Press chosen app
  • Tap - Uninstall
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