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Make your Android Battery Last Longer

Android battery usage spoof image.

Battery usage is one of the niggling problems with top level android phones. Generally, the higher spec the phone, the more thirsty the battery is. Charging your battery on a 4 hourly basis is no joke, and a terrible situation to find yourself in if you're out and about and have forgotten to bring along your charger.


Check your Mobile Coverage


When choosing which mobile phone network to go with, be it a pay monthly contract lasting as long as 2 years or Pay & Go, do you ever consider whether you will get an excellent signal in your local vicinity; your city, your town, your street, your bedroom? Do you ever take just a couple of minutes of your time to do a network coverage check?


Cost- effective Android Calls


Mobile phones are indispensable in an emergency. No matter where you are, you can rely on your android to help you out. This is true, only if your contract is adequate and packed to the brim with all the minutes to landlines, mobile numbers and free voicemail you could possibly wish for. Similarly, if you are on pay & go, you need to be drowning in credit to ensure your android is more of a help and less of a hindrance.


Uninstalling Apps Removed from Android Market


If like me you regularly tend your applications, pruning any apps from your android's memory that have served their purpose and are now little more useful than dandelions, you may have come across the same issue as myself at some point.


Use Mobile Phone Charging Stations Safely

Public mobile phone charger at an airport.

You may have come across a mobile phone charging station at some point; in shopping centres, airports, train stations, hotels and maybe even certain shops. Even if you haven't, as time moves on and the number of smartphones in UK households increases, more and more will be popping up all over the UK, until they become as familiar to you as public payphones. You won't be able to recall a time when running out of mobile phone charge was inevitable, and invariably happened during an important call. Charging your phone in an emergency or while out and about will be as convenient as getting money from a high street cash machine.


Cheap/Free Contact Numbers for Pay & Go Customers


Contacting your carrier tends to be a real pain if you wish to use your landline for whatever reason; maybe your mobile isn't able to make outgoing calls at all. If you are one of the many Pay & Go customers you will rarely find yourself able to use a cheap/free local phone number and find no option other than using a dreaded 0845, 0844 or 0870 number. I have decided to take the pain out of this for you by compiling a list of valid cheap/free numbers:


O2 Contract GPRS WAP Settings for HTC Wildfire

There may be a few of you needing O2 APN settings for contract customers. Just follow the instructions below.


O2 GPRS WAP Settings Workaround for HTC Wildfire


When I first acquired my HTC Wildfire it was on Vodaphone Pay & Go. My intention was to get my android unlocked so that I could remain on O2. I was rather annoyed (after spending almost £23 getting my Wildfire unlocked) to find that O2 no longer supported this handset. I never expected this to be the case, but what did I know? Being the android newbie that I was, I was also unaware that I needed a 3G sim, not 2G, to enable me to use the internet efficiently when I was out and about. The 3G sim was easily remedied; after a small argument with the O2 sales rep (they tried to insist that I visit my local O2 shop to pick up the sim) my 3G sim was winging its way to me in the post. The problem was that I also needed the correct GPRS WAP settings to access O2 mobile internet or I could kiss O2 goodbye forever.


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