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Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Unites Smartphones & Tablets Part 2

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Thursday, 24 November 2011 06:00

4. Improved User Interface

This is the feature in Ice Cream Sandwich that unites both smartphones and tablets. Originally optimised for Android tablets and Honeycomb, this UI has been intergrated into Ice Cream Sandwich to give Android smartphone users a slicker experience. 3D effect graphics are just one feature you can enjoy.

Improved Ice Cream Sandwich user interface.

5. Better Camera

A better camera with panoramic views, zoom while recording video, a built in photo editor, time lapse settings. What more could you want from a camera on your phone? How about a more functional gallery to view them in relevant sections such as; time, location or people and editing tools to rid you of that 'devil' red eye. Cool. Oh, forgot to say that you will be able to send them straight to Facebook!

New camera features with ICS.

6. Notification Bar Improvement

Androids notification bar is a massive help to most phone users, with important info available to see at the top of the screen such as a warning for low memory, calendar reminders, email and voicemail reminders etc. The problem is that if you wish to dismiss certain individual notifications, you can't. You have a choice of clearing all or none. Android 4.0 will allow for you to swipe whichever notifications you no longer wish to see and keep the other at the top of the screen and fresh in your mind.

7. Improved Calendar

I rely heavily on my phones calendar, numerous times a day. Everything I need to know or remember is marked down. I keep a track of my life via this useful Android feature. Therefore, I can't wait to get my hands on this even more useful and organised calendar. You will now be able to add events to your calendar via other apps and you will also be able to seperate work engagements from play with colour coded entries.

Ice Cream Sandwich calendar improvements.

8. Screenshot

Do you ever need a snap of your screen for evidence or reminders maybe? With Ice Cream Sandwich you will be able to do just that. From Gallery, you'll be able to edit and share with others.

9. System Bar

Gone is the need for physical buttons to access menu, home or search. There is a new system bar in replacement, at the bottom of your screen that includes; back, home and recent apps. This is complimented by a further Action bar with more options.

10. Lockscreen

Your screen may be locked, but you are no longer void of any information whilst your phone is idle. Your camera, and also the ability to send a text to calls you cannot answer can be accessed direct from your lockscreen, as can messages you have received.

ICS Lockscreen.

There are a myriad of subtle changes included in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which are:

  • New font
  • Improved Google Maps
  • Improved Facebook experience
  • Improved Voicemail (becomes visual with app that allows you to see who it's from and play only the ones you wish to)
  • New spell check features
  • Better copy and paste
  • New quick response feature
  • Improved keyboard
  • New swipe gesture

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime is the first Android smartphone to hit the UK that's equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Unites Smartphones & Tablets - Part 1

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#1 craig 2011-11-24 08:01
Better copy and paste will be a welcome feature as the current implementation isn't that easy to use really.

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