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HTC Quick Update

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 00:00

Have we received our Froyo 2.2 update for our HTC Wildfires yet? Are you having a laugh? Of course we haven't; what other answer did you expect?


The support shown here in the last couple of weeks is very telling of the general feeling amongst Wildfire owners; the poll votes are rising daily and comments are beginning to trickle in. Just the sheer amount of visitors since this campaign began is proof enough that HTC should take heed and listen.


Of course, to be a very loud voice we need to keep the support rolling in, every single vote adds more weight to this quandary; comments are even more valuable and are undeniable, forcing HTC to listen to its consumers. In fact, hopefully, mobile phone maufacturers may one day realise they can no longer steal our money when we purchase phones they were never going to support or even fix bugs for in the first instance. I remember when my daughter begged me for a LG Prada, she got the phone but could never download music to it (it was a known issue that they didn't want to fix). This is all too common; phones are spewed out, pimped to the max to appeal to young people, while a multitude of problems are blatantly ignored. Okay, so HTC Wildfires are sweet, but here we have the other type of issue that plagues the mobile phone industry; lack of / zero support for brand new phones.


We hear the rumours that HTC Wildfire is available in China with Froyo 2.2, that they are already being released in small batches, that there is a workaround to obtain the update early. Where are the solid statements? Is the issue with HTC or with the individual carriers? I as yet cannot declare anything as 100% fact because it has to come from the horses mouth, the big cheese, the boss (or at least a statement on their behalf). I have had two very different conversations on the phone with HTC tech; the first declaring that every phone released with Eclair 2.1 would be guaranteed the Froyo 2.2 update, the second admitting that the Froyo 2.2 update may never materialise for the Wildfire. So to the point in hand. A letter has been typed and printed and sent to Taiwan Headquarter; to Peter Chou, Chief Executive Officer of High Tech Computer Corp (HTC) and Cher Wang, Chairman. All of our queries, frustrations and hopes have been addressed very clearly and a url to this website has been added for HTC to view if they so wish. So now it is a waiting game, more patience is needed, hopefully they will feel gracious enough to reply swiftly and maybe even offer us some answers. Now that would be hot.

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