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Sell Your Mobile Phone - Part 1

Written by Dominic   
Wednesday, 13 April 2011 09:00

If you're reading this article, you'll know that in todays society, android phones are your virtual lifeblood! They're your constant, loyal companion, serving as; your diary, your portable personal computer that fits neatly inside a handbag or pocket, your contact point, your calendar, your source of entertainment ... being without your smartphone is definitely not an option.

The problem is that android technology improves on a daily basis, which means new phones are released so frequently, if you don't upgrade regularly, you risk ending up with much less of a smartphone as you get left behind in this fast paced arena. Besides which, you like to be ahead of the game, and always crave the latest handset model.


The value of mobile phones depreciates at such an alarming rate that it is difficult to know how to sell your old android phone whilst maximising your sale, freeing your money and enabling you to buy the android handset of your dreams.

This article aims to outline the options available to you to help you sell your mobile phone, allowing you to get the best price possible, therefore minimising the shortfall when upgrading.

Mobile Phone Recyling

The first option that springs to most peoples mind is phone recycling. We have all seen adverts for companies such as Mazuma. It's very tempting to choose this option as it is quick and easy and involves little to no work on your part. By simply entering your phone details you are given an instant quote; if you are happy to go ahead you simply fill in your address and a prepaid envelope is sent to you, for you to send your phone back to the recycling company. Note that usually, only fully working phones will be exchanged for cash.


The problem with this method is that it rarely offers the best price, however it does provide a quick and easy solution. I would only ever consider using this method to sell a phone if its value had greatly depreciated, even then I would explore every other available option beforehand.

If you wish to go down this route, you may want to use our Mobile Phone Recycling Tool before choosing which company to use.

There are reports of people who have been disappointed when using phone recycling companies, although they are in the minority. A price has been quoted, the fully working phone sent, only for the person to be told that they will receive a lower price, if any money at all, because the phone has been damaged or lost in the post! When asked to return the damaged phone, the recycling companies have refused to do so, or requested a postal fee. If you check the terms and conditions, you will find the returns policy is (albeit cryptically) outlined in black and white. It is crucial to read the small print very carefully, otherwise you may get tripped up by something you were unaware of.

It is imperative, if you are going to send your phone to a recycling company, to ensure that you send your phone by recorded delivery or tracked with insurance, for insurance purposes and as proof it has been received. If your phone is worth £39 or less you can pick up a Certificate of Postage, free from your post office. Although recorded delivery will eat into your profits slightly, it will safeguard you against losing your valuable phone and you mind!

Sell Your Mobile Phone Part 2

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