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Sell Your Mobile Phone - Part 3

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Wednesday, 20 July 2011 14:30

Pawnbrokers / Cash Converters

If you are after a super speedy sale, pawnbrokers / cash converters are the most obvious first port of call, as lots are based on your local high street. You are .almost always guaranteed to seal the deal, as long as your phone is worth anything at all, al./pthough the price wont be as good as most of the other options listed, except maybe recycling.


Pawnbrokers have an added bonus of offering instant cash (no waiting around for auctions to end and worrying whether people will cough up the dosh), the only work involved on your part is a short car / bus journey. There is also a distinct advantage; if you need money urgently, and didn't really wish to part company with your beloved android, you have a set period of time in which you can buy back your phone, with a certain amount of interest added on for the convenience. If you pass the set time your mobile is then sold. Of course, it is a no-pressure sale; if you don't like the price offered and you think they are taking the Michael, you simply walk away with your phone in your pocket!

Classified Ads

The internet is saturated with newspaper style websites that allow you to list your phone for free, such as Sun Local; the problem with these sites comes down to two main factors:

1. If you choose to place a classified ad online, within hours you can find yourself inundated with buyers offering ridiculous sums of money (the golden rule is, if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is). You need to be wary, especially if you are required to pay a shipping fee because the seller is based abroad, for example. If the seller wishes to make payment via MoneyGram or Western Union, it is wise to refuse. These particular money transfer companies are known to be risky, as payment can be withdrawn easily, often after you have shipped the item. Avoid this method of payment unless you know and trust the seller. The safest way to trade using classified ad sites is to use a third party escrow service, which will hold money from the buyer safely and securely until all parties involved have confirmed they are happy with the transaction. There is a price to pay for using this service, and even if the buyer decides to opt out of the sale, the seller is still obligated to pay the escrow's fees.

2. Another problem with classified adverts is, as most are free to list, you often find unscrupulous sellers offering items at over-inflated prices. This makies it difficult for genuine sellers; buyers are reluctant, as they find they have mountains of work to do, sifting through a slush pile of adverts before they stumble across a real bargain, therefore there is a chance your advert will be ignored or overlooked.


Swap Shop

Swap Shop's are a relatively new way of selling online and are still in their infancy. The concept is, of course, as old as the hills and takes me back to my own childhood; does Noel Edmonds Multi Coloured Swap Shop ring a bell? It does what it says on the tin; you simply offer your phone as a swap and state what you would like to accept in return. The whole point is to swap items, usually of equal value, instead of cash. Yet again it comes down to the issue of trust. Each site has their own unique terms and conditions for selling, but none offer a safe dispute resolution. You should exercise caution and make sure you fully understand how your chosen site works and how you can protect yourself before using them.


Sell to Friends & Family

Probably the quickest way to sell your handset and get the price you are looking for, without the research most involve, is to sell to friends and family. This territory comes with its own pitfalls of course, such as feeling obliged to offer the goods at mates rates, or risking bad vibes if the android your brother-in-law bought from you malfunctions, even months down the line.



In short there are pro's and con's to selling your android phone and all should be considered carefully. Your descision partly depends on your individual circumstances. There is no reason why you shouldn't get a good price for your old handset, it just requires a bit of thought and research to ensure you get the best result.

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