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Top Ten Phone Recycling Companies

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Monday, 16 May 2011 07:00

Small Print Magnified

Deliberately Confusing Terms & Conditions

Sometimes it is difficult to access terms and conditions as they are almost invisible / don't seem to exist. Reading the smallprint is often a thankless, confusing task that people choose to overlook, or at best skim through at record breaking speed. Terms & conditions are written in a way that induces a state of apathy, and worded to such a convoluted degree that the intention is unclear and able to be tweaked and bent to the benefit of the service provider.

This article aims to outlay the most important points in the terms and conditions of the most popular phone recycling companies. Even so, it is still recommended that you take a few minutes to read them for yourself before using any given company.

An example of the confusion you may encounter is as follows:

Although Mazuma is at the forefront of most peoples minds when recycling their phone, and is acclaimed for its user friendly customer service, annoyingly, along with most other phone recycling companies, their terms & conditions are very confusing. It states:

'You may cancel the contract with us at any time up to the time when you send us the phone ("cooling- off period"), providing:

Other than if the phone does not meet our terms and conditions (see below), this contract cannot be cancelled after you have sent your phone(s) to us (outside the "cooling-off period")'.

Although I believe the terms above mean that the 'cooling off period' ends once the phone is sent to you choice of phone recycling company, I feel the way it is worded is wide open to misinterpretation. You may think that even once you have sent your phone, as long as you decide to cancel the contract within 'the cooling off period' you will still be able to claim your phone back. I believe this to be untrue. Although the definitive of 'cooling off period' is unclear, I presume it to mean the price guarantee period. It is always wise to check any confusing terms such as this with the company before committing to it.


Mobile Phone Xchange

Mobile Phone Xchange offers one of the more competitive rates for your phone. Offering to return your phone for free if you are not 100% happy with the service provided, and fast, no hassle payments. You can be paid via BACS (Bank Transfer), cheque, PayPal or SMS. You can choose to receive payment by vouchers for either Debenhams or Argos instead, in which case your payment will be slightly higher.


Small Print:

1. Phones must arrive within 10 days of Mobile Phone Xchange issuing an initial quote. If received later the original quote will be ammended and will be lower.

2. Although Mobile Phone Xchange makes the claim that they will send your phone back free of charge if you are not 100% happy the small print says that this is not so! Upon receiving confirmation of the final offer for your phone (check spam / junk folders for this as Mobile Phone Xchange will not be held responsible if not received), you have 3 days in which to accept the offer. If you exceed the 3 day limit the offer will go through and cannot thereafter be reversed. If you do, however, request your phone back within the three day time limit, it will incur a cost of £10 for handling and postage. Not free then, as I presume if you request your phone to be returned this means you are indeed not 100% happy!

3. Additional accessories sent in with your handset that weren't requested by Mobile Phone Xchange will neither increase the price offered or be returned to you.

4. Chargers and headsets do not need to be sent.


MobileCashMate appears to offer the best price for your mobile phone. Remember that this price is a quote only and could drop dramatically once they have received your phone and checked it against their stringent terms and conditions. Payment methods, BAC, cheque or Argos voucher (higher payment) cannot be changed once agreed on.


Small Print:

1. You have 14 days in which to send your mobile phone to MobileCashMate after which time your quote will expire and you will need to go through the process again.

2. MobileCashMate will not return your phone once you have sent it to them, free of charge. If a re-value offer is made, upon which you have 5 days to accept or decline this offer. If you exceed the 5 day time limit your phone will be recycled and the re-value offer paid to you.

3. The mobile you send must be in immaculate condtition, if it is considered to be in working order. To receive the optimum price quoted your phone needs to be in pristine (like new) condition, free from even minor scratches and general wear and tear. A tough order to fulfill for an average phone user, even if using screen protectors and cases. Most phones arrive brand new with fine scratches to the case or screen.

4. All phones must be sent with a battery unless discussed and agreed previously with MobileCashMate.


Envirofone offers a reasonable phone recycling price for your phone. You can choose to be payed by cheque, BACS, PayPal or Argos e-card (10% extra paid). You can choose to donate a percentage of your payment to a charity from the list provided or offset the phones carbon footprint by deducting £1.12 from your final payment.


Small Print:

1. Unlike some mobile recycling companies Envirofone allows you to change your payment option provided the order has not already been processed.

2. You have 14 days to accept original unammended quote, or 5 days to accept a revised value.

3. Phones that have been sent to Envirofone and a price agreed are not eligible to be returned. If a revised value is offered you have an additional 5 days to agree.

4. If you reject a revised value offer, or for any other circumstances Envirofone agrees to return your phone, it will be sent back to you free of charge.


Mazuma is one of the most popular and well known phone recycling companies. With good quality customer service at the heart of its priorities, Mazuma has built its reputation on trust. The price offered for your phone from Mazuma may not be the highest but your original quote is guaranteed if it meets Mazuma's terms and conditions. Payment is made by either cheque, bank transfer or Argos voucher (for which you will receive a slightly higher amount). Payment method cannot be ammended once chosen and must be issued to address used upon registration.

Mazuma also offers a price pledge; on condition that your phone meets their terms and conditions, payment will be made on the same say the phone is received. To be even more helpful they also offer a the use of a free Mobile Data Delete Tool, helping to ensure that your privacy isn't compromised if you accidentally leave any personal information on your phone before sending. A free courier service is offered if you are selling 10 handsets or more. It is easy to see why Mazuma is one of the leading phone recycling companies; your needs really do seem to matter to them!

Unlike the majority of other phone recycling companies Mazuma does not offer a freephone customer services number, choosing instead to use an 0845 phone number.


Small Print:

1. You have 7 days in which to decline a revised offer. If not completely satisfied with revalue offer phones will be sent back free of charge within 7 day period.

2. Service intended for use within Great Britain and Northern Ireland. May be refused if outside of these areas.

3. Prices are guaranteed for 14 days from 'Order Approved' date.

Mobile Cash Monster

With no need to register an account unless you wish to to complete an order, Mobile Cash Monster makes it quick and easy to recycle your phone. To speed the process up even further you have the option to print a freepost label. Payment is either by bank transfer or cheque, although Mobile Cash Monster is not one of the highest payers. They also have a useful table on their terms and conditions page that allows you to get an idea how your phones value will decrease dependent on any damage ie. smashed glass screen incurs a 75% reduction in offered price.


Small Print:

1. If initial phone value is £10 or below, phone must be in acceptable, working order. No revised pricing will be available on such phones.

2. Quoted prices are valid for 7 days unless you are offered a revalue price, in which case you have just 2 days to decline the revalue price.

3. Payment will be made within 5 days of receiving the phone.

4. Although 'cooling off period' is worded the same as Mazuma's, it also states that the contract cannot be cancelled once payment has been issued to you.

5. Mobile Cash Monster will return your mobile free of charge, but you must contact them within 48 hours of them receiving the item.


Cash4phones offers an average payment by either bank transfer or cheque. Payments will be made within 48 hours providing the phone is as described and does not require revalue. If phones are received later than 2pm Friday orders will not be processed until the following Monday. When sending your phone to Cash4phones it is important to remember to post the order Slip reference sent with your envelope along with your phone.


Small Print:

1. Price quote is guaranteed for 10 days unless phone is revalued (counter-proposal) in which case you have 5 days to accept or decline a revalue offer.

2. If you decline a counter-proposal (a revalued amount), you have 12 days to send a fee of £4.95 to have your phone returned. If you fail to send the return fee within this time your phone will be recycled and you will receive the lesser amount offered (counter-proposal).

3. Payment will be made within 48 hours.


FoneHub offers a higher mid-range amount for your phone and guarantees 100% price satisfaction or your money back. It also claims to erase all personal data from working phones before recycling them. Uniquely, unlike the majority of phone recycling companies who won't pay extra for phone accessories, FoneHub has an' add value to your phone offer' on any phone valued over £50, allowing you to make additional profit when sending the charger and headset, although this is likely to add no more than £1 per item added. Money is paid by either bank transfer or cheque.


Small Print:

1. Phones are non-returnable unless a revised price is offered. A postage fee will apply (amount not declared) if you decline revalue offer and wish to have your phone sent back.

2. upon receiving your phone, as long as it meets the terms and conditions, payment will be made on the same day.

Money For Your Phone

Money For Your Phone is the only phone recycling company to incorporate an additional option to swap your working / broken phone. Once you have decided to swap and chosen a phone, your new phone will be sent to you within 3 working days by Royal Mail Special Delivery after which you have 14 days to return the phone if you aren't satisfied. All swapped phones come with a 90 day software warranty.

If you opt for recycling, only working phones are accepted. Once you post your phone you are kept in the loop via email throughout the 3 stage process, informing you when they have received your phone, tested it and sent the payment. Payment is made either by bank transfer or PayPal. Freepost isn't offered with Money For Your Phone, which is unusual, so make sure that you send your phone in a secure, padded envelope with adequate insurance.


Small Print:

The terms and conditions are not visible on any page I accessed. Only instructions visible are in FAQ's.


Cashinmyfone is a mobile phone recycling company provided by Envirofone. A simple, easy to navigate website, Cashinmyfone offers a higher price than its sister company. revised payments may be declined within a 5 day period. Payment is made by cheque, PayPal, bank transfer or alternatively you can choose Argos vouchers and receive a slightly higher amount.


Small Print:

1. Ensure phones are well protected before sending in the pre-paid envelope provided as Cashinmyfone states that the envelope may not be adequate on its own.

2. Cashinmyfone endeavours to make payments within 7 days. Revised offers may be declined within a 5 day period.

3. Only phones that have had a revised offer may be returned. It is unclear whether there is a charge for phones to be returned.

4. There is no clear guideline as to how many days your initial quote is valid for.


mopay offers more than just a few quid for your unwanted mobile phone. You can also earn cashback when you choose to shop using their 'shopping partners', choosing from catergories such as IT, gaming equipment, health and beauty. Any money earned through cashback goes into your own mopay bank account. mopay claims to recycle more old (ancient) mobile phones than most other recycling companies, offering money for phones where others won't.

Although mopay do not offer the highest amount for phones, payment options are varied and include Marks & Spencer vouchers, Topman/Topshop gift cards, bank transfer, cheque and, exclusively, over the counter cash collection at any post office branch (although this wasn't offered when I completed a sample order). There is also the option to donate a percentage of payment to charity.

Vouchers are issued within 14 days of a phone being accepted. Bank transfers are completed within 3 days and cheques issued within 1 week.


Small Print

There were no visible terms and conditions.

1. Vouchers are issued within 14 days of a phone being accepted. Bank transfers are completed within 3 days and cheques issued within 1 week.

2. Quotes are valid for 14 days.

3. Guarantees to pay 100% of quote, clearly visible pricing and grading system for broken phones.

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