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Mobile Phone Recycling

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Monday, 16 May 2011 07:00

You have a few mobile phones lurking in dark corners that only see the light of day as you are in the midst of an overdue spring clean. You don't want your current mobile phone any more and haven't a clue where the best place to sell is. You know that you won't get anywhere near what you paid for your phones. After all, there are new phones being released on a daily basis, the conveyor belt of new technology gathering pace at a frightening speed.

You know that the value of mobile phones depreciate fast, so you ask your friends and family if they are interested in buying your phone. They aren't. What comes to mind next is phone recycling. In fact you have probably just seen an advert for mazuma on your tv, with a catchy jingle that sticks in your head, promising to send you cash in return for your phone, easily and quickly.

This option begins to seem more and more appealing. No real work for you to do. No waiting around to see if your phone sells, if it sells at all. Simply click a button and a price is agreed, an envelope sent for you to post your phone, and a few days later a cheque arrives. Excellent, that is what you will do then!

There are three questions you should ask yourself before using a phone recycling company:

  • Have you considered whether you could make bucket-loads more cash with just a little more effort?
  • Have you used the first phone recycling company that came to mind?
  • Have you read the phone recycling companies terms and conditions thoroughly?

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that the price quoted on a mobile phone recycling site is only an initial estimate, the final offer depends on your phone meeting all of the recycling companies requirements ie: the phone is in good working order, the phone was sent to the recycling company within an agreed time limit (if sent later the original quote may be ammended to a lesser amount), the display screen is clear and has no missing pixels, the phone is not stolen, fake or blocked.

Sending Your Phone

When sending your phone in the pre-paid envelope provided by the recycling company, it is worth noting that unless you protect yourself further, you will not be covered for loss or damage in the postal system. If your phone is worth less than £40 you can pick up a free Certificate of Postage (covering you to the value of £39) from your local post office. For more valuable phones I strongly advice you to send either by recorded delivery or tracked with insurance.

Sim cards and stored data should be removed prior to sending your phone to a mobile phone recycling company as they will not accept any responsibilty if information contained on unremoved sim cards or stored data is subsequently shared or used in any way.

Most phone recycling companies will pay up to 85% of working price for broken phones, so don't instantly dismiss these as worthless.

If cheques are lost or damaged most recycling coompanies will charge a fee (deduct from cheque value) for a re-issue.

Note: Always check your email or registered account with the recycling company you use as you will receive notification of payment offer or revalue offer. If you fail to check your email you will not be able to decline any revalue offer and will receive a lower amount for your phone than was first quoted.

To make things a little easier for you I have put the small print of the most popular phone recycling companies under the magnifying glass, so that you can make a decision with confidence. To help you further, check out our Mobile Phone Recycling Tool.

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