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Laying Down Roots for HTC Wildfire

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Friday, 31 December 2010 00:00

Rooting. Wow, that word is quite profound when concerning your new best friend, HTC Wildfire. No more than 6 months old, at least 6 months manufacturers warranty still valid, and rooting is what people have found themselves resorting to to keep their sanity intact; unfortunately this is at the expense of the warranty that is no longer intact (the main thought is that rooting voids your warranty, although it seems to be a grey area).

So the decision is not one to be taken lightly. Of course, lots of people felt that their patience had been stretched to the limit with HTC, while waiting forever for Froyo 2.2 to unleash their Wildfire's potential; in many parts of the world such as Mexico and Australia this is still the case. Mostly, app to sd is a big deal, and people seem to have lost their trust with HTC to provide them with what should be an unquestionable feature of an android/smartphone. Therefore this leaves them with no option other than to take the control away from HTC and hold the fort themselves.


Rooting your phone, also know as jailbreaking, gives full control to you (you become your phones official administrator) and allows you to install a custom rom of your choice, alleviating most annoying issues. Rooting your HTC Wildfire, in most instances loses your HTC sense user interface, VillainROM claims to enable this feature to be kept intact. For many people the loss of HTC sense is no big deal and is even desirable as it is felt that HTC sense slows down the Wildfires performance and takes up quite alot of memory that you could use for other things.


When you decide to take the step of rooting your Wildfire you do so at your own risk and there is a small chance that you may well end up with a bricked (useless) phone, or a partially bricked phone that is very hard work to fix. The first thing to do is to backup all of the apps and data on your phone, this can be achieved using a free app available from Google Market called Titanium Backup.

Unrevoked is one of the more popular choices to consider when rooting and flashing your Wildfire. Once you have rooted your Wildfire successfully (fingers crossed), it is imperative that you do a Nandroid backup, this differs from the previous 'Titanium' backup as Nandroid backs up the phones entire ROM, allowing for full system restore if you wish to return the phone to the exact state it was previous to rooting.

I have decided that I will not be attempting to root my Wildfire at this point in time but it would be good to hear from lots of you that have.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 January 2012 23:51 )

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