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Migrate Phone Content from Android to Android With Ease

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Monday, 21 November 2011 06:00

So you've upgraded your Android smartphone? Obviously you want to migrate all of your orginal phones content to the new one, as effortlessly as possible. You may imagine that migrating your files/data/content is naturally simple and easy. This is not the case, only certain content moves over automatically after initial set-up is completed. Apps, music, photos, videos etc need an Android app to enable the migration.

Heavenly Android has written a step-by-step guide to help you through each step, ensuring that you can keep hold of all your photographs and music/videos without the need to connect to a PC.

Getting Started

You've unboxed your brand new smartphone and you're raring to go. It's switched on and charging nicely. Whilst you wait for it to reach full charge you can take a look around. But first you need to set up a few things on your phone. Your phone will prompt you, as soon as it's switched on, to connect to your wireless network. Once you've completed this and you have WiFi on your phone, you will be asked to enter your Google Market ID, after which your emails and contacts will automatically migrate across to your new phone.

But what about your Apps? If you have paid apps, you can just go to market place and download them on your new device for free. The problem is that you can't automatically download the free apps you installed on your old phone onto your new phone because Google doesn't keep a log of these.

Unless you've been using an app such as Picasa Tool, a Google web album app, you'll need to move your picture / video files manually. Same goes for music files, unless you use a music synchronization app such as SugarSync. Just as with most content, you can transfer all of these files without wires using the process outlined below:

Android phone migration.

Transfer Via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a method used to transfer content from phone to phone, and one that you've probably thought of. It's usually easy to pair two devices, however Bluetooth can be incredibly unreliable and buggy if you're running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or below. Apparently there's a known issue causing a buggy Bluetooth stack that Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) has addressed and solved, although this isn't helpful if your Android can't be updated to Gingerbread.

With a little help from a multi-file transfer android app, I could move a handful of small files across, but when it came to larger MP3 files Bluetooth frustratingly caused the phone to freeze. This method of file transfer is only useful for small files.

Prepare Your Smartphones for Migration of Content the easy and reliable way

It's worth installing a couple of essential apps onto your phones before you start the migration process. You will need them at some point anyhow. If you have a smartphone that is not compatible with WellFTP Server (as it isn't with HTC Wildfire), you can use File Expert instead.

1. WellFTP Server

Install WellFTP Server file transfer app from Google Market onto your old Android phone. WellFTP acts as a bridge to your content from one phone to another, allowing access to your files.

Open WellFTP Server app and from app homescreen:

  • Press - menu
  • Tap - User Manager
  • Press - menu
  • Tap - Create User (enter details and save)

Press back arrow to return to main screen.

  • Press - menu
  • Tap - Settings
  • Tap - Encoding (choose UTF-8)

Press back arrow to return to main screen.

  • Tap - Start

If server has started you will see a message at the top of the app screen that reads:

'Please visit'

Note: IP address above will be unique to your phone and therefore different from the one shown. Make a note of this IP address as it's needed in the next stage.

Once you have completed these steps return to 'home' on your phone.

Transfer files from one Android phone to another.

2. ES File Explorer

Install ES File Explorer/version: file download app to your both your old Android and your new Android in one go. Access Google Android Market via your mobile web browser rather than directly from Google Market app and download ES File Explorer from there. This will give you the advantage of being able to install ES File Explorer to both phones simutaneously as they are both registered on Google Market.

On your old phone open ES File Manager

  • Press - menu
  • Tap - Settings

The view will change to the App Manager where you will then see a list of Apps that are installed.

Hold down Muli-Select icon, a menu will appear, tap“Select All”

  • Press  “Menu”
  • Tap - Backup

Your apps, will now be automatically backed up to your sd card in the following location:


Note : Not all apps can be backed up!, apps which are marked as private cannot be backed up, most paid apps are marked as private, so you won't be able to move them across using this method, however if you login to the android market on your new phone you will find that your paid for apps are there and can be downloaded to your new phone.

Now return to your new Android phone and from your homescreen:

  • Press - menu
  • Tap - Settings
  • Tap - Applications
  • Tap - Unknown sources (needed to use ES File Explorer)

Press back arrow to return to homescreen

Open ES File Explorer from your app drawer

  • Press - menu
  • Tap - Show Tabs
  • Tap - FTP (in box at top of the screen)
  • Press - menu
  • Tap - New
  • Tap - FTP

Fill in details, using IP address saved from WellFTP Server set-up for 'Server'. Change 'Port' to 2121. Ignore 'Mode'. Choose username and password.

  • Tap - Encoding
  • Tap - Unicode(UTF-8)
  • Tap - Display as (choose name such as; 'my old phone')
  • Tap - OK

Transferring App Data

You will now see an icon with your display name that you've created such as 'my old phone'. Tap this icon and you will see a list of all files and folders on your old phone. Select 'backup' folder from list and then select 'apps'.

Now you can choose which apps to transfer, but to transfer all:

  • Long press - icon (pages with + sign)
  • Tap - Select All
  • Press - menu
  • Tap - Operations
  • Tap - Copy
  • Tap - Local (in box at the top of the screen)
  • Press - menu
  • Tap - New
  • Tap - Folder (name folder ie: 'my old phone')

Once folder has been created locate folder and select it

  • Press - menu
  • Tap - Operations
  • Tap - Paste

Within a few minutes your apps will be transferred from your old phone to your new phone. Once your apps have copied across you will need to reinstall each individual app.

Repeat this process to transfer all other files such as music, photos, videos and documents etc.

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