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What is an Android Phone?

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Friday, 15 July 2011 06:00

If you've been hiding under a rock for the past 3 years, and have emerged with a quest to upgrade your mobile phone, Android Phones may have passed you by. You may have vaguely heard the term, and wondered if they have discovered life on Mars, with little green men making contact on their Android Phones.

Joking aside, if mobile phones have never been upmost in your thoughts, a phone simply being a phone and nothing more, you can be forgiven for not realising that a revolution has been taking place in the mobile phone industry. Android, or smartphones as they are also known, have catapulted phone technology into the noughties, and there is no going back. At some point in the near future you may struggle to purchase a 2G, bog standard mobile phone, so you may as well familiarise yourself with android and get with the times.


What is an Android Phone?

An android phone is an extremely powerful piece of kit that runs on the Android operating system. Android is an open source (meaning that anybody can access the code) mobile phone platform developed by Google that consists of more than 12 million lines of code and includes the Linux Kernel.

It is essentially a software stack  (a set of software that provides the 'ingredients' needed to make android function), consisting of 3 layers. Firstly you have the operating system, the main platform on which everything else runs. Secondly you have the middleware, a kind of bridge that allows applications to communicate with one another, or other networks. Thirdly you have the actual applications that the particular android phone will run.

Android is Everything you Need

Android phones are like swiss army knifes, with an endless list of roles they can accomplish. Due to the infinite number of android applications available to download, you can customise your phone to exactly suit your needs.

Your phone can double as; a GPS, an e-book, a video player, a spy camera, a car finder, a medicine reminder, a games system, a camera/camcorder, an alarm clock, a newspaper and even a spirit level. It's almost impossible to find a task that an android phone can't do.

Android Phone & Gmail

Android comes equipped as standard with services such as Gmail, Google Earth, YouTube and Google Calendar. To get the best from your android phone you need to have a Gmail account. Once you've opened an account, your phone will automatically synchronise with all of the above plus other information such as; contacts, Facebook and Twitter.

Which Android Phone?

Android phones come in all shapes and sizes. They normally have large (3.5 inches plus) touchscreens, though you can opt for one with a mixture of both a touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard. Any phone manufacturer can choose to make an android phone, although it's doubtful whether Nokia and Blackberry ever will, and of course Apple certainly wont.

You can choose an android phone from HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Acer, Dell and Huawei.

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