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Android App Permissions - What are They?


So you've got an Android phone/tablet? You're chuffed to pieces, it's the best bit of kit you've ever had and you can't wait to delve straight into Google Android Market. There are so many Android apps to choose from, it makes your head spin. But it's as simple as tapping 'download', isn't it?


Migrate Phone Content from Android to Android With Ease

Android phone migration.

So you've upgraded your Android smartphone? Obviously you want to migrate all of your orginal phones content to the new one, as effortlessly as possible. You may imagine that migrating your files/data/content is naturally simple and easy. This is not the case, only certain content moves over automatically after initial set-up is completed. Apps, music, photos, videos etc need an Android app to enable the migration.


What's the Difference Between Android Apps & Widgets?


One of the neatest things about owning an android phone is the widgets and apps (short for applications) that can transform your smartphone into anything you wish it to be (within reason of course!). A wealth of information can be available on your homescreen; clock, news, calendar, local weather, your nearest and dearest's whereabouts etc. Alternatively you may prefer to have a dedicated Facebook/Twitter or music and video homescreen.


What is an Android Phone?


If you've been hiding under a rock for the past 3 years, and have emerged with a quest to upgrade your mobile phone, Android Phones may have passed you by. You may have vaguely heard the term, and wondered if they have discovered life on Mars, with little green men making contact on their Android Phones.


What Does 2G, 3G, 4G Mean?


2G, 3G, 4G, what on earth do they stand for? Mobile phones originally operated in 0G. Usually used on boats, if you happened to be extremely rich, and could afford at least 1k for the priviledge, you could have your own 0G mobile phone in your car, although the speed would be equivilant to that of a tortoise.


Android Phone Memory Explained


One of the first things most of us do, when deciding whether to purchase a mobile phone, is take a look at the manufacturers specifications and read a few impartial reviews. Many of us are left flummoxed by confusing and unexplained terminology used, and instead rely on what we presume to be accurate, unbiased opinions. Maybe we have simply heard the hype, seen the adverts, and fallen in love with the concept. But do we really know what we are spending our hard earned cash on? Will it perform the way that we want it to?


How to Uninstall an App

There are over 200,000 Android apps.

Uninstalling an app isn't always as intuitive as you would hope or expect it to be. Until I upgraded my Wildfire to Froyo 2.2 I simply had to go to my apps on Google Marketplace and choose 'uninstall'. Once I'd upgraded however, this option had disapppeared, leaving me scratching my head in confusion, and my phone memory was completely spent.


Laying Down Roots for HTC Wildfire


Rooting. Wow, that word is quite profound when concerning your new best friend, HTC Wildfire. No more than 6 months old, at least 6 months manufacturers warranty still valid, and rooting is what people have found themselves resorting to to keep their sanity intact; unfortunately this is at the expense of the warranty that is no longer intact (the main thought is that rooting voids your warranty, although it seems to be a grey area).


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