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Samsung Android smart fridge.

The whole world seems to be controlled by computer technology in one way or another. As we move from decade to decade there is less and less for us to actually do, as there's a machine that is more than happy to do it for us. Even vacuuming is slowly getting taken out of our hands, with robot hoovers taking the back breaking aspect out of the task. Smart technology is finding its way onto more and more products too, including a fridge controlled by Android!

Alcatel One Touch 995.

Part 2 of Heavenly Android's crusade to unearth 2012's most budget friendly handsets. We believe that good things do not have to cost a months wages!

Andy the Android robot with shopping trolley.

As most of the UK, Europe and USA are on a rather tight budget, Heavenly Android thought that an updated list of entry-level phones is warranted. Even in times of double-dip recessions, when big businesses are folding like origami all around us, and money is definitely too tight to mention, there is still a smartphone to suit every need and even the smallest budget.

The real, official Samsung Galaxy S III.

So the months of wondering and speculation are officially over. It's time to take a bite of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III, and boy is it tasty! In fact it's more than just tasty, it's a completely beautiful Android recipe.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G is a new Samsung Galaxy phone that's just landed on American shores and is available exclusively through T-Mobile. Announced earlier in the year at CES, Galaxy S Blaze is apparently T-Mobile's version of Galaxy S2.

Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 Android app.

As we reported on Monday, Samsung's marketing machine was still in full swing concerning the most anticipated Android phone of 2012, Samsung Galaxy S3. Hints and insinuations were increasing by the millisecond, with rumoured specs leaked via numerous sources including a video on Amazon Germany that was promptly removed.

Samsung Galaxy S3 countdown to announcement.

There's possibly as much anticipation surrounding Samsung's mythical Galaxy S3 Android smartphone as there is concerning Amazon's Kindle Fire here in the UK. In an age-old ploy, both giant companies have remained tight-lipped, causing both of these Android devices to enjoy countless rumours and innuendo, filling more web pages with if's and but's than most other Android-centric news put together.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Android phone.

Samsung have officially announced a new entry-level Android phone, going by the moniker of Samsung Galaxy Pocket, that is destined to hit UK shores. As the name suggests, this Android phone is pocket sized, and will have a tiny pocket-money price to match.

Peter the Thai elephant with Samsung Galaxy Note.

Elephants are the largest land dwelling mammals on Earth, and legend has it that they're terrified of mice. They're also one of the most intelligent non-human animals (although in some cases they're far superior!), and have photographic memories. It now seems that one particular elephant has become acquainted with one of the largest Android smartphones on Earth, Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Android tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note is being stretched from 5.3 inches to 10.1 inches. Okay, of course it's a different device than the original Galaxy Note, which is an oversized smartphone that can be used as an Android notepad complete with S-Pen (pressure sensitive capacitive stylus). This new 10.1 version may be a little large to use as your default notepad that you carry everywhere inside your pocket, but nevertheless, we're sure this tablet, revealed at Mobile World Congress 2012, promises a great Android experience.

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