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Money Saving

Basket Buddy HUKD Groceries, money saving Android app.

Heavenly Android believes that it pays to be frugal. Why spend over the odds on something, especially a food item? A tin of Heinz baked beans is a tin of Heinz baked beans, whether you bought it from Waitrose or Lidl. So why would you want to cough up double the amount of money?

HotUKDeals DROID, money saving Android app.

So you're trying to save a few quid for a rainy day, and you're searching for a great Android app to help you along the long and painful money saving path. HotUKDeals DROID Android app is one such money saving gem just can't afford to ignore.

mysms - Tablet Texts (beta), free sms Android app.

There usually comes a point in time when you find yourself without any texts at a time when you desperately need them. When this time arises it is maddeningly frustrating. Of course, quite a few of us have unlimited texts, but there's a good chance that we have still found ourselves in this situation in the past, and we could find ourselves in the exact same place in the future.

Vonage Mobile Android app.

You can now text and talk for free worldwide with Vonage Mobile VoIP service for Android. Rolled out only days ago, to both Android and iOS, you can now chat to anyone you wish, so long as they've also downloaded Vonage Mobile and you have either a WiFi or 3G connection.

T-Mobile Full Monty tariff.

It's almost a year ago since T-Mobile put all its loyal customers on rationed internet usage, tightening their megabyte gastric bands and reducing their intake from 3 GB to a hunger inducing 500 MB. Not nearly enough for ravenous Android devices. It seems T-Mobile has now realised the error of its ways, and has had its gastric band removed, thus allowing unlimited data usage on the 'Full Monty' tariff.

WhatGas Petrol Prices, android app.

If you live in the US you have a myriad of useful android apps at the tip of your fingertips, including countless apps to locate your cheapest gas/petrol prices. There is a distinct lack of such android apps here in the UK, so here at Heavenly Android we were pleased to uncover this little gem.


0800 Wizard is a magical, money saving app that lots of you have been waiting for, since the dawn of Android! Simple to use, converting 0800 numbers into dedicated 01/02/03 numbers, and if you have inclusive minutes as part of your mobile plan, this app allows you to call 0800 numbers direct from your mobile completely free of charge.


If you're a savvy shopper, always looking for bargains, this is an app that's right up your street. No doubt you have being making use of voucher sites online since the day they were first thought of, because you aren't the sort of person who is going to pay more than you have to for anything. Your shopping, the same as mine, consists of 2 for 1 this and 2 for 1 that. When the recession is well and truly over, we will be the only people who have actually managed to save, the only ones with a smile on our face when we visit the bank. It's excellent to know then, that those nice android app developers are looking out for the likes of us, isn't it?


Mobile phones are indispensable in an emergency. No matter where you are, you can rely on your android to help you out. This is true, only if your contract is adequate and packed to the brim with all the minutes to landlines, mobile numbers and free voicemail you could possibly wish for. Similarly, if you are on pay & go, you need to be drowning in credit to ensure your android is more of a help and less of a hindrance.


Contacting your carrier tends to be a real pain if you wish to use your landline for whatever reason; maybe your mobile isn't able to make outgoing calls at all. If you are one of the many Pay & Go customers you will rarely find yourself able to use a cheap/free local phone number and find no option other than using a dreaded 0845, 0844 or 0870 number. I have decided to take the pain out of this for you by compiling a list of valid cheap/free numbers:


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