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Entry Level

HTC Desire C, entry-level Android phone.

HTC have recently announced the imminent arrival of their newest entry-level handset. Surprisingly, it's not part of the Wildfire camp, but comes under the Desire moniker instead. It is, in terms of specification, about as far away as it can possibly be from the previous HTC Android phones that use the name 'Desire'.

HTC Desire C.

We have reached the final three in our top ten list of entry-level Android handsets in 2012. We hope that we've managed to give you a little inspiration if you're looking for a smartphone with an equally smart price tag.

Alcatel One Touch 995.

Part 2 of Heavenly Android's crusade to unearth 2012's most budget friendly handsets. We believe that good things do not have to cost a months wages!

Andy the Android robot with shopping trolley.

As most of the UK, Europe and USA are on a rather tight budget, Heavenly Android thought that an updated list of entry-level phones is warranted. Even in times of double-dip recessions, when big businesses are folding like origami all around us, and money is definitely too tight to mention, there is still a smartphone to suit every need and even the smallest budget.

Huawei Ascend G 300 available on Vodafone.

Huawei Ascend G 300, otherwise known as Huawei ASURA, is now available exclusively on Vodafone in the UK, other European countries and New Zealand. Another day, another dollar, or in this case another fantastic entry-level Android phone to add to this ever growing recession friendly market.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Android phone.

Samsung have officially announced a new entry-level Android phone, going by the moniker of Samsung Galaxy Pocket, that is destined to hit UK shores. As the name suggests, this Android phone is pocket sized, and will have a tiny pocket-money price to match.

Alcatel One Touch 995, Android phone.

Alcatel recently announced a whole bunch of new and improved Android phones in their One Touch series to take them through 2012, 12 new handsets to be precise. Alcatel One Touch 995, otherwise known as Alcatel OT-995 was one such smartphone, and the one thing you can guarantee with Alcatel is affordability. Though the entry-level area is extremely competitive so they may just have their work cut out.

Acer Liquid Glow, NFC enabled Android phone.

Acer's more budget friendly Android smartphone that was announced at MWC 2012 alongside its more powerful brother, Acer CloudMobile, is Acer Liquid Glow. Although its specs don't pack quite the same punch as its better endowed sibling, there's always room for a few more entry level Android phones. Entry level phones in 2012 have plenty of added extras too, such as NFC!

HTC One V, Android phone.

HTC One V is the third Android phone in a trio announced by HTC on 26th February. If your purse is a little sparse this may be the one for you. Entry level where specs are concerned, and the upper end of entry level in price. If however, you're lucky enough to have a slightly fatter bank account, you could consider HTC One X, with its mighty 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, NFC and amazing 4.7 inch screen, or HTC One S, which has a slightly more humble 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and a camera to die for.

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2.

It's been over a year since Samsung released its first entry level Android phone, Samsung Galaxy Mini, an affordable competitor for the likes of mega popular HTC Wildfire. It's only to be expected therefore that Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (S6500) has been announced and is on its way shortly. Galaxy Mini 2 will be winding its way through the many roads of Europe, starting its journey in France around Easter, although we have no idea at this point when it will park up in the UK.

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