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Google Chrome for Android.

Google Chrome, the faster way to browse the web, is now available for Android smartphones/tablets, but only if your device has had an unseasonal helping of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), at least for the moment. This Android version is currently in Beta and only available in certain countries, but should soon be rolled out to every nook and cranny of the world that has even a sniff of an internet connection.

Apple genius Steve Jobs would not be amused.

A spoof Taiwanese ad promoting a little known technology company, Action Electronics, Android tablet has caused outrage around the world. The advert, featuring Taiwanese comedian Ah-Ken complete with angel wings and halo was deemed insulting and distasteful towards the memory of Apple CEO Steve Jobs as it was plainly obvious that this was who Ah-Ken was imitating.

Android devices are too prolific.

Unlike Apple, who have a modest number of Android devices under their belt that they nurture very carefully, only diversifying into new territories when they're good and ready and never before, Google is boastful of the sheer number of companies that have adopted Android, with different types of devices running Android totalling a whopping 300. The overall number of smartphones and tablets on Android globally totals a mind boggling 200 million.

Even Star Trek residents are worried.

Motorola had a battery farm full of egg on its face as it held its hands up and admitted that between October and December 2011 it accidentally sold 100 refurbished Xoom tablets without having fully wiped previous owners data. The 100 compromised Xoom tablets were part of a group of 6,200 from the US that Motorola resold between October and December 2011 on

Sony XQD memory card.

One accessory that you just can't do without when you acquire an Android phone/tablet is a microSD card. The majority of Android phones come bundled with microSD cards (usually 2 GB), which for the majority of us is not nearly enough. Before virtually any time has elapsed we find the need to fill our microSD card slot to the hilt.

Nielson android app study.

Online media company Nielson has conducted the first mobile media rankings study, measured by actual android usage of apps. Although the findings are based on the US audience, it's likely to be a generally accurate global result showing android app trends. The results quite clearly showed a divide between sexes and the type of apps they utilized.

Apple Versus Samsung in Court Battle.

Any of you hoping to get your hands on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the very near future will be disappointed to hear that Apple have ensured this will not be a reality. At least not for the time being, as they have again thrown their apples from their virtual trees in a monumental tantrum, and won a preliminary battle to ban Samsung marketing or indeed selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all European countries except Netherlands, (luckily Apple couldn't get near their nether regions).


A US study by the Pew Internet Project has revealed that less than half of American adults (35%) own a smartphone. The survey consisted of 2,277 adults, and it transpired that the most likely sectors of society to get their hands on a smartphone were; financially wealthy people, college educated, people under the age of 45 and non-whites.


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