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ZTE T98, quad-core Android tablet.

Here at Heavenly Android we can't quite believe that we're still busily sifting through the vast amount of Android technology announced at Mobile World Congress 2012. We've finally got around to ZTE, a Chinese company that, much like Huawei, only emerged from the shadows in 2011, finally putting their own brand to their products. ZTE didn't disappoint either, with an armful of new Android phones and tablets announced.

ZTE Era, quad-core Android phone.

Amongst eight new ZTE Android/Windows mobile devices announced at Mobile World Congress 2012, ZTE Era is the star of ZTE's Android smartphone show. ZTE's flagship device, it promises to be a little healthy competition for other big players this year. It also happens to be the Chinese OEM's most high end phone to date, and did I forget to say that it is dangerously sexy!

ZTE company logo.

ZTE PF 100 was amongst a host of ZTE Android/Windows devices announced at MWC 2012. It's a quad-core Android tablet that runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) straight out of the box. Among its siblings are ZTE T98 (7 inch Android tablet) and ZTE Era (Android phone), that both also run on quad-core processors. Quite a cool collection for a company, who until last year, wasn't known to consumers by its own name.

ZTE V96, dual-core Android tablet.

ZTE V96 is one of a duo of mid range Android tablets revealed by ZTE at Mobile World Congress 2012. Unlike its other siblings that run on beastly quad-core processors, ZTE V96 and its twin ZTE V9S, both run dual-core processors. Dual-core is still respectable however, and the fact that it also ships with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is also a deal clincher, so long as the price is right.


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