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Has Your Android Stopped Receiving Email and SMS?

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Friday, 10 December 2010 00:00

If you are a fellow noob like myself then this is an issue that you may have run into fairly early on with your Android smartphone... After about two weeks of bliss with my phone fused to my hand and apps being downloaded and uninstalled at a frightening rate I was totally miffed one Sunday evening on the train home when my better half failed to respond to my loving sms messages.

Paranoia began to set in as I tried every email address he possessed and then turned my attention to my daughter only to be met with the same wall of virtual silence. I wracked my brain in frustration wondering what I had done to offend them. I checked and double checked that my internet connection was fine and dandy. I sent and resent each message. I considered chucking my phone out of the window as every effort was in vain. By the time I arrived at my destination I was verging on depression.

Once home I couldn't settle as I waited for the rush of responses. I considered a phone call but decided against; if they didn't wan't to communicate with me there was no way I was going to get the cold shoulder voice to voice. So I took myself off to bed and woke the next morning to the same situation. Anger set in and then, when I began to think rationally I started to investigate.I tried the obvious: Switch the phone off and on, remove the battery and sim and replace them, I switched off all internet via airplane mode, all with no results. I googled the problem but found no answer I hadn't already tried. The one thing that I was reluctant to do was a full factory reset as I didn't want to lose all of my apps and photos etc that I had spent many hours finding and installing. I could see that this was going to be unavoidable pretty soon as I was fast running out of options. I'd decided by now that maybe my boyfriend and daughter had just had enough of me, in fact I had decided that even my spam mail had grown an aversion to me.

Devil image.

I was rather frosty upon receiving a phone call from my partner later that evening until he asked why I had failed to answer the sms and texts he had sent in answer to mine. We then spent an hour or so running through everything until my computer savvy partner asked if I had plenty of spare memory on my phone, if I hadn't this would stop emails and sms getting through. How would I know, I thought to myself. He then explained to me that if my memory was low it would show in the task/notification bar at the top of the screen. There was certainly lots of activity up there on the little black strip at the very top of the phone screen. So I dragged the slide-screen down and had a good look. Sure enough, there was a notification (looks like a painters pallette with an exclamation mark next to it) alerting me that I was low on space. I reluctantly uninstalled maybe 5 or 6 apps and cleared my internet cache, and low and behold, within the hour all of my queued messages began sending my phone into a frenzy and my sanity was restored. Mystery solved; one more lesson learned.

Memory low warning icon.

It is very easy to swallow the internal memory downloading apps while we are waiting for the Froyo 2.2 update. Very annoying, I have had to wade through my apps and brutally cull them. I have also lost a little of my zest for this side of the android experience until I can utilise app to sd. Until then my fun is a little less fun.

To Clear Internet Cache

  1. On internet browser press menu
  2. Tap: More
  3. Tap: Settings
  4. Tap: Clear cache
  5. Tap: OK
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