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HTC Desire Camera not Working?

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 09:00

My partner was getting rather annoyed of late. His HTC Desire had developed a few annoying glitches. Gripe one was that whenever he was using his phone to access the internet, his notification bar (the black strip that you swipe down at the top of the screen) was determined to be noticed. It played a kind of perpetual hide-and-seek game - now you see me, now you don't - as it flicked up and down about a centimetre. It was as distracting as a fruit fly that buzzes around your face as you eat lunch, and made you want to reach for the swatter.

No matter what my partner did; switch the phone off and on, remove and replace battery, uninstall various innocent apps, contemplate a full factory reset, it didn't make a blind bit of difference.

Gripe two was the fact that his HTC Desire's camera features had simply stopped working (continuously trying to auto focus) within apps that required it. This meant apps such as Google Goggles,  bar code readers in general or any other needing the camera feature were now as good as defunct.

HTC was contacted and although they had no knowledge of this bug, they offered to repair the phone, otherwise they could only suggest that the imminent upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3 should solve the issue.


My partner was left to solve the problem himself, which he continued to work through methodically. Just as he was considering the factory reset route he decided to try switching off the phone's GPS. Low and behold, the annoyance was solved. Okay, he was now without GPS on his HTC Desire if he wished to avoid these problems, but he considered this feature to be rather inferior at the moment anyhow, preferring to have his camera fully reinstated within apps and the notification bar less intrusive instead.

Switching off GPS

  • From Homescreen press menu
  • Tap - Settings
  • Tap - Location
  • Uncheck - Use GPS Satellites
  • Return to homescreen
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#1 Sunil 2011-11-05 18:04
I have bought a Desire last month and I rooted. After that my camera and Bluetooth is not working.How can I solve this problem?

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