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Common Problems

HTC Desire Camera not Working?


My partner was getting rather annoyed of late. His HTC Desire had developed a few annoying glitches. Gripe one was that whenever he was using his phone to access the internet, his notification bar (the black strip that you swipe down at the top of the screen) was determined to be noticed. It played a kind of perpetual hide-and-seek game - now you see me, now you don't - as it flicked up and down about a centimetre. It was as distracting as a fruit fly that buzzes around your face as you eat lunch, and made you want to reach for the swatter.


Google Voice Search


I, along with mostly every other Wildfire user, was dismayed when Google Voice Search stopped working. A very neat way of navigating your smartphone, voice search seemed to fail when HTC released their Froyo 2.2 update for the Wildfire. Not only did Google Voice Search stop functioning, it also disappeared from Google Android Market. Lots of the best apps now require voice recognition to get the most from them, so I also found myself forced to uninstall apps I had previously enjoyed that were now useless. Now and again, I did checks to see if I could once again install one of my favourite features back onto my Wildfire and also looked for workarounds, but found none that worked. Sick of my smartphone getting less smart by the day, I was one unhappy android owner!


Has Your Android Stopped Receiving Email and SMS?

Devil image.

If you are a fellow noob like myself then this is an issue that you may have run into fairly early on with your Android smartphone... After about two weeks of bliss with my phone fused to my hand and apps being downloaded and uninstalled at a frightening rate I was totally miffed one Sunday evening on the train home when my better half failed to respond to my loving sms messages.


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