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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 09:04

Exciting news alert for red-blooded android owners!

A new, uncensored adult app store, AdultAppMart, has launched. Healthy competition at last, for Mikandi, who have been alone in their sexy app world until now. With dozens of free and paid apps, covering content such as softcore lingerie model photos, hardcore videos, adult dating and adult news apps, your needs will be gratified. Every niche is catered for. Whether tattooed vixens are your thing or glamorous porn stars float your boat, AdultAppMart will do its best to satisfy your cravings.


To access AdultAppMart you must allow unknown sources on your android:

1. Change your settings to allow downloads from unknown sources (you can change settings back after download).

  • Press menu
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Applications
  • Check box next to Unknown Sources

2. Next, go to from your mobile browser. Alternatively you can choose to scan a QR code.

3. Choose download and install.

4. Once installed you will need to register, a quick process, then you are free to fufill your fantasies!

Although AdultAppMarket already has a large list of free apps, if you wish to pay for an app you must first purchase some AdultAppMart credit. From your AdultAppMart app, simply go to 'Account' at the bottom of the screen and choose an amount to buy, eg. 500 credits is $5.

AdultAppMart is currently recruiting developers who wish to add their own erotic apps. They would also like your views on what type of adult apps you would like to see, I have already put in a request!

Having just completed its beta-testing, AdultAppMart's doors will be officially opened during 2011 XBIZ Summit in Chicago, June 10-12. It seems that Google may be missing the boat with their strict 'no porn' rule for Google Android Market, as kinky business is sure to sky-rocket.

If you are worried about allowing apps from unsecured sources you can put your mind at rest by using an app such as Lookout Mobile Security.

Also check out Mikandi, an established adult app store!

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