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Wednesday, 16 March 2011 14:39

AndAppStore is an android app market that makes android apps available for your mobile whether it is supported by Google or not and first opened its virtual doors in autumn 2009. It takes no fee from developers who sell paid apps from its marketplace. Owned and operated by The Seavus Group, a software development company in Sweden, the Seavus Group boasts a staff of 400+ and is focused equally on providing solutions for Android and helping developers.


To purchase an app you must firstly open an AndAppStore account and use the same email address when registering as your PayPal account as this will be the method of payment. The online site itself is a little basic and downloading applications you have purchased seems a little like hard work (for me anyway). There are numerous catergories and sub-catergories, and apps are listed alphabetically, although you cannot filter free apps from paid apps which is a little annoying to say the least. There are currently over 3,700 apps to browse through. Interestingly, you can also test pre-released versions of applications, although you do so at your own risk as it clearly states that there may be bugs in these unfinished apps.

AndAppStore mobile app is available, follow link for instructions.

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