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Welcome to the new Site for Heavenly Android

Heavenly Android (formerly known as HTC Wildfire Android Heaven) would like to give all of our readers a massive welcome to our new website. We are trying our best to make the migration as painless as possible for everybody who has been a regular visitor and apologize if it has been an annoyance for anybody!

We decided to move our blog from Wordpress as it just couldn't support all of the facilities that we would like to offer in the future; also, we will gradually be expanding our topics to include all things android. HTC Wildfire will still be the main topic for the time being though.

Please help to build our android community by visiting our post's and discussing your problems or answer other users questions. We would really love your contribution.

We hope that you have an enjoyable, informative experience here.



Merry Xmas Wildfire Owners


A very merry Christmas to every HTC Wildfire owner old and new, in the UK and around the world. An especially warm welcome to everyone who has been lucky enough to wake up on christmas morning and find a HTC Wildfire in their stocking; what better present could you wish for? Also, you have acquired your phone at the correct time; Froyo 2.2 is either ready for you to download or you haven't got long to wait. Anyway, welcome aboard and enjoy a very, very cool android experience.Thank you everbody who has paid this blog a visit over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed writing for you and have really appreciated your participation; either in the poll or with your comments: keep them coming, you make the blog what it is.


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