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Happy New Year!

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Sunday, 01 January 2012 06:00

Happy New Year to all of our readers at Heavenly Android. We hope that you all had a fantastic Xmas. Didn't the festivities just fly by?

I came down with a cold the night before Xmas eve that sent my taste buds packing, so Xmas dinner was tasteless (even the sprouts), as were most things. Hardly a sip of Diet Coke has passed my lips, which is usually my drink of choice. It seemed to taste strangely medicinal, due to my altered taste buds, and water has now become my default means of hydration. Well at least I had reason not to overindulge, and there are loads of choccies left for when I get my sense of smell and taste back!


Besides my beastly sniffles, all of us at Heavenly Android had a brilliant Xmas, and a couple of us even picked up an Angry Birds speaker each in the Boxing Day sales. We popped into Curry's and spied the little red Christmas cracker at a bargain price of £29.99, down from £49.99, and couldn't resist.

We've since tidied our MP3 downloads using playlists on Songbird Android app, which is an amazing music player. Once we'd finished we were ready to switch the bass up and turn the volume to full. 30 watts of music filled the room, with absolutely no distortion, just pure digital quality.

Mum was pleased with the pink HTC Wildfire S that she received off Santa. Quite an upgrade for her. She is a lifelong technophobe who struggles to use her Virgin+ remote control but with a few little lessons she will master her Wildfire S, I'm sure. She has already got the hang of the camera and is addicted to Fruit Slice, one of Heavenly Android's fave Android games so the signs are promising.

If you were shrewd and saved your Xmas pennies until the Boxing Day sales, you may have picked up some other amazing bargains such as HTC Flyer on sale for an absurd £169.99! Lucky you.

New Years Eve fireworks.

If you missed out on the myriad of Boxing Day goodies, no fear. There are sure to be loads more offers in the New Year sales. We will endeavour to keep you posted on the best deals.

Meanwhile, we hope you have a fabulous time on New Years Eve, whichever way you choose to celebrate. May 2012 be everything you wish it to be.

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