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An Entry Level Android Phone to Suit every Budget and every Need - Part 3

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro, android phone.

Part 3

4. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (Smallest / Fast / New ANT+ Technology Supported)

Price: £119.95 when bought with an additional £10 top-up from Phones4U

Unlocked: Prices start from £132.58 at

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is a super fast pocket-rocket retailing for as little as £119.95 (when an additional £10 top-up is purchased) from Phones4U. SMS and Email is a breeze thanks to Xperia Mini Pro's addition of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.


An Entry Level Android Phone to Suit every Budget and every Need - Part 2

HTC Wildfire, android phone.

Part 2

2. HTC Wildfire (Best Battery / Great Camera / HTC Sense UI)

Price: £99 when bought with an additional £10 add-on from 3 Store

Unlocked: Prices start from £150 at

HTC Wildfire is now available from as little as £99, an amazing price for such an accomplished entry-level android. Every penny spent shows on HTC Wildfire, with quality throughout and specs anybody would find hard to complain about.


HTC Salsa Facebook Phone

HTC Salsa, Facebook phone.

HTC Salsa is soon to join its sister, HTC ChaCha in the android phone Facebook revolution. For the Facebook fan who prefers full touchscreen, harness all the power of Facebook from one touch of the dedicated button Salsa wears at the bottom of the casing. No matter where you are, never lose the thread of what is going on in your world. Share your music, location, status, photos or simply share a good old gossip. Share instant photos with Facebook straight from your phone with one press. HTC Salsa and ChaCha are sure to be at the top of your wishlist this xmas, if you can't raise the capital beforehand that is!


HTC ChaCha Dedicated Facebook Phone

HTC ChaCha, facebook phone.

One of a pair of HTC's dedicated Facebook android phones, HTC ChaCha is now officially available in the UK. If the number of facebook fanatics is correct, these social android beasts will be dancing out of the shops before you have the chance to ask, "Have you got a HTC ChaCha please?".


Samsung Galaxy S II is Android's iPhone 4

Samsung Galaxy S II.

If you're looking for an Android phone to rival Apple iPhone, that gives you the same smooth, immaculate experience, you need look no further than Samsung Galaxy S II. Samsung have managed to equal or even, dare we say, surpass Apple iPhone on the majority of specs, all adding up to a magnificent Android phone. Okay, it may not have quite the expensive, designer look and feel of Apple iPhone, but it still sweet, and thinner/lighter than iPhone too!


HTC Evo 3D Release Date UK?


With the advent of 3D smartphones (no need for 3D glasses), HTC is set to unlease the might of its power with the much anticipated HTC Evo 3D. There is speculation over the UK release, but no definite date given;


An Entry Level Android Phone to Suit every Budget and every Need

Motorola Flipout, android phone.

Once you've witnessed the brilliance that is an android phone, the chances are you will want one, badly. You have just been given a virtual tour of your mates HTC Desire HD... wow!... you've had a revelation. The price, however, is not something you can either afford or justify.


HTC Sensation UK Release Date


The Sensation about HTC Sensation!

HTC Sensation is here at last in the UK, in all its finery. You'd be barking mad not to rush out and grab yourself a slice of HTC's very own Gingerbread recipe (courtesy of HTC Sensation), finances permitting of course.


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