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Huawei Vision - of its Mobile Android Future?

Huawei Vision, android phone.

Huawei is soon to unleash its Android phones, using its own brand, into the UK for the first time. Huawei Blaze, an entry-level Android, will lead the way, followed closely by Huawei Vision, mid-level, and shortly after they will showcase their top-level Android phone, Huawei Honor, to the UK. Huawei is a Chinese intercom technology company that's following in the footsteps of HTC and ZTE, coming out of the closet for the first time after years of supplying phones to other companies incognito for them to brand.


Huawei Blaze UK Release Date & Specs

Huawei Blaze,android phone.

Huawei is about to enter the UK in a 'Blaze' of glory with it's first own-brand offering, entry-level Huawei Blaze U8150. Blaze is nothing out of the ordinary, but as an entry-level phone that's expected to cost no more than £100, you can't grumble. The one thing that stands out with Huawei Blaze is the addition of 2.3 (Gingerbread), a spec that any self respecting Android user would be proud of for a cheap as chips price phone. Interchangeable covers also come included with this phone, so you can change the colour depending on your mood.


Huawei Honor - Thou Shalt Honour Thy Android User with 3 Day Battery!

Huawei Honor, android phone.

Early next year we will enter an Android revolution; one that we've been waiting for and thought would never happen! The revolution will come in the form of an unassuming Android phone called Huawei Honor (U8860). Thou shalt love thy neighbour, the bible says. Huawei would prefer to honour thy Android user! No longer will Android smartphone owners be a slave to the electric socket, continually feeding their phones more juice. Honor promises to banish all worries of phones running out of charge at critical, inconvenient moments, with the help of the huge Li-Ion 1900 mAh battery at the heart of Huawei Honor. A 3 day battery life is a dream Android phone users must have assumed was unattainable for the foreseeable. Seems not!


HTC Sensation XE - A Second Edition Sensation Already?

HTC Sensation XE.

The mighty HTC Sensation XE comes to you proudly boasting a Li-Ion 1730 mAh battery, the largest battery capacity HTC has used in its smartphones thus far, and a phenomonal 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, speed and battery usage will be better than ever.


HTC Rhyme is Bliss - It's a Woman Thing

HTC Rhyme, ladies android phone.

There has been widespread rumour and speculation for the majority of 2011 concerning the mighty HTC and the even mightier female population of smartphone users. The whisper was that HTC were quietlly concocting an android phone that would set the pulse of every feminine woman racing. The question remains as to whether there really is a necessity for such a phone and is the very principle that women need a 'womanly phone' just a little prejudiced, for want of a better word?


ZTE Skate's Due Date Confirmed in UK

ZTE Skate, android phone.

ZTE Skate is a brand new member of the ZTE smartphone family, along with its two new siblings, Tureis and Libra (due for UK release at a similar time). ZTE Skate is the most expensive of the three and it's easy to see why. ZTE Skate's specs are particularly impressive for this price range of android phone.


Samsung Galaxy W 18150 Specs

Samsung Galaxy W, new android phone.

As Samsung enters a new naming era for their android smartphones, following an 'alphabet spaghetti' route, we introduce Samsung Galaxy W. A middle-level android phone that is expected to be available on both O2 and Three within the next few days.


Samsung Galaxy Y Joins the Entry-level Android Arena

Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is the latest entry-level android to be joining the rather full arena, and it should be available just in time to add to your Xmas list. Aimed towards cash strapped youngsters, this handset is likely to cost less than £100.


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