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Samsung Galaxy S3 - The Definite Date

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Monday, 23 April 2012 08:29

There's possibly as much anticipation surrounding Samsung's mythical Galaxy S3 Android smartphone as there is concerning Amazon's Kindle Fire here in the UK. In an age-old ploy, both giant companies have remained tight-lipped, causing both of these Android devices to enjoy countless rumours and innuendo, filling more web pages with if's and but's than most other Android-centric news put together.

Samsung, a company that has been a market leader in Android mobile technology since day one, and bought us a vast range of Android smartphones, from entry-level handsets such as Samsung Galaxy Ace, to innovative smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Note, will surely present a smartphone that surpasses all smartphones, but when exactly?

Samsung Galaxy S3 countdown to announcement.

We expected to hear some solid information regarding Samsung Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress 2012, there was also word of a separate announcement to be made shortly after, neither situation was forthcoming. Samsung did, however, enjoy teasing its eager audience with hints and red-herrings during CES earlier in January.

Now it appears there's a definite date to put in your calendar folks, when all will become clear... or is there? Rather it appears that Samsung's rumour mill is still going strong. The date set for Samsung's official announcement is supposedly May 3rd, with invitations sent and notebooks ready. Samsung's 'Mobile Unpacked' event in London is the venue where a select few are invited to 'Come and meet the next Galaxy'.

The plot has now thickened to glutinous proportions with the aid of an extra pinch of gelatine and the additional ingredient of a cryptic anagram 'tgeltaayehxnx', that when mixed carefully spells 'the next galaxy'. If you pop this anagram into the virtual oven and add .com to the end, you'll find yourself on an intriguing page with a clock that points to around 12 noon GMT time. So we could be literally minutes away from the final countdown, after which Samsung had better hope the wait has been worth it!

Samsung Galaxy S3?

To add to the mystery and mayhem, technical specifications that apparently belong to the real smartphone in question have surfaced on Amazon Germany. Take or leave whatever you wish from this supposed leak. The Olympic Games 2012 official sponsor, Samsung Galaxy S3, if Amazon's info is correct, may have a 4.7 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, 16 GB of internal memory, with the almost obligatory microSD card slot to enable up to another 32 GB. There is possibly a 12 MP rear facing camera, and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will be the chosen operating system. There is also rumour of a 2050 mAh battery and NFC capability.

If you'd like a little more 'knowledge' you can skip over to numerous tech websites that all have their own news and views on the subject. As for Heavenly Android, we will wait for the real deal before we confuse readers with any other fantasy news.

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