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Android Tablets Could Replace Books in Schools

A vision of our future classrooms.

Imagine a future where your child is issued with an Android tablet on their first day at school, before they even know their ABC's. A single hardware replacement for a school bag full of books that over the years gets filled to back breaking proportions.


Google Driverless Car Controlled by Android


Google never fails to surpass itself, and along with the likes of Richard Branson, eBay and a few select others, seems intent on taking over planet Earth. Now it seems Google is ready to exceed anything it has achieved before with a driverless car controlled solely by Android. We don't mean a little RC car either, we mean a full size, people carrying, luggage holding vehicle!


Google Set to Drive Cloud Storage Competition Away!

Google Drive, cloud storage service.

Google is set to unleash its own cloud storage into the Android mix, and is no doubt hoping to topple its fierce competition. Google Drive (GDrive), an online cloud storage service that has been in the pipeline for almost 6 years is rumoured to be in gear and ready to roll as early as the beginning of April 2012, according to GigaOm, who have reliable sources.


NFC Fraud Alert Involving Barclays Bank and Amazon

Barclays Bank ATM (cashpoint).

If you're an Amazon shopper who uses a Barclays contactless credit or debit Visa card it's time to be extra vigilant. You may think that pick-pockets belong in the Oliver Twist era, or at least on the busy high street, but you'd be wrong. A new form of virtual pick-pocketing, via NFC enabled Android phones could be happening to you right now.


Steve Jobs With Wings - Taiwanese Insult

Apple genius Steve Jobs would not be amused.

A spoof Taiwanese ad promoting a little known technology company, Action Electronics, Android tablet has caused outrage around the world. The advert, featuring Taiwanese comedian Ah-Ken complete with angel wings and halo was deemed insulting and distasteful towards the memory of Apple CEO Steve Jobs as it was plainly obvious that this was who Ah-Ken was imitating.


HTC and Motorola are Slowing Down their Android Production Line

Android devices are too prolific.

Unlike Apple, who have a modest number of Android devices under their belt that they nurture very carefully, only diversifying into new territories when they're good and ready and never before, Google is boastful of the sheer number of companies that have adopted Android, with different types of devices running Android totalling a whopping 300. The overall number of smartphones and tablets on Android globally totals a mind boggling 200 million.


Motorola Sold User Data Along with Refurbished Xoom Tablets

Even Star Trek residents are worried.

Motorola had a battery farm full of egg on its face as it held its hands up and admitted that between October and December 2011 it accidentally sold 100 refurbished Xoom tablets without having fully wiped previous owners data. The 100 compromised Xoom tablets were part of a group of 6,200 from the US that Motorola resold between October and December 2011 on


Playandroid Launches Online Android Gaming Magazine

Playandroid online gaming magazine launched.

There are far too many Android app markets/stores and far too few really solid reviews. Whatever choice we make, especially when parting with cold hard cash for the privilege, where Android apps are concerned it's mostly a choice made purely based on other user ratings on Google Android Market, a friends recommendation or simply the description.


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