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HTC Desire Memory too Small for Gingerbread


HTC Desires owners are sure to be sorely disappointed at the news just out on the anticipated 2.3 Gingerbread update. HTC have announced that after working hard to overcome issues for many months concerning HTC Desire and Gingerbread, they have simply been unable to get past certain crucial hurdles involving hardware limitations. See statement below:


Everything Everywhere Frees your Android


On a recent weekend getaway to Snowdonia, to a small but beautifully formed Welsh village known as Beddgelert, my partner discovered the full power of Everthing Everywhere. Having been blighted with a connection problem when he visited Cumbria the year before, he was dismayed to find he had the same issue, a zero signal on his android, which was using T-Mobile. I also had absolutely zero chance of surfing my android with my phones O2 connection. Both were as dead as a dodo.


Virus Laced Apps Pulled from Google Android Market


Google's generally relaxed approach seems to be a double-edged sword where its Android Market is concerned. It is apparent, due to multiple factors, virus laced apps are seeping through into a market android phone users believe to be secure and virus free. It negates the whole theory of only installing apps to your phone from trusted sources.


Five New Ways to Search Apps on Android Market


Google finally seem to be listening to disgruntled android owners, who are thoroughly fed up with their untidy, hard to search Android App Market. Searching through over 200,000 apps, supported on over 300 Android devices, has to date been a complete headache.


LG Optimus 3D Release Date Delayed

LG Optimus 3D release date has been pushed back to 6th June according to online retailer Clove. Originally expected to be released in April and then May, this highly anticipated 3D phone that is viewed without 3D glasses, will almost certainly be worth the wait when it hopefully arrives in June. 


Update: LG Optimus 3D (sim-free) is now available from as early as June 20th from, priced £599.99.



HTC Desire gets Gingerbread 2.3 Upgrade


HTC Support UK have confirmed that Gingerbread 2.3 upgrade will be available for HTC Desire within the next 6 weeks, around mid June. It is good that HTC are continuing to support their mobile phones for a reasonable length of time. This comes just before android 2.4 will be pushed out by Google, although 2.4 will still be classed as Gingerbread and have only minor tweaks.


Steamy Window Virus


An android Trojan virus named Android.Pjapps has infiltrated third party android markets. It is targeting a fun app Heavenly Android has recently reviewed called 'Steamy Window'.


LG Optimus 3D Expected Release Date UK

LG Optimus 3D release date is rumoured to be 25th April 2011 for the sim-free handset, so we don't have long to wait.

The phone is priced at a hefty £489.99, which is expensive, but let's face it, it's the first of its kind! The price is sure to drop within a year or so, but for the android phone connoisseur, price is probably no barrier.



LG Optimus 3D (pay & go, sim-free) is now available to buy as early as June 20th from priced £489.99


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