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HTC Evo 3D Dropped by Vodafone


The UK has been anticipating the arrival of HTC Evo 3D for a large portion of 2011, with Vodafone expected to be the first place to offer this phone. Earlier today Vodafone announced that due to delays with HTC Evo 3D's launch date, it will no longer be included in its smartphone range.


Bitcoins - A Bit Too Far?


Bitcoins. You may or may not have heard this phrase. I hadn't until the other day; once I had, my attention was caught and after reading on I became fascinated, both with the freedom this virtual currency could unlease and also the talk of dark, seedy, underground ventures where bitcoins are a must... no real money accepted.


One Third of Smartphone Users Choose Android!


A US study by the Pew Internet Project has revealed that less than half of American adults (35%) own a smartphone. The survey consisted of 2,277 adults, and it transpired that the most likely sectors of society to get their hands on a smartphone were; financially wealthy people, college educated, people under the age of 45 and non-whites.


Google Android Market has Really Arrived...Well Almost!


Google Android Market has truly arrived at last. With a successful face lift completed, and all irritating wrinkles and blemishes surgically removed by Google's IT professionals, Google Android Market is now in a format that we should find more pleasing, and has content that we always wanted, and always thought Google Android Market should have had in the first place.


Amazon Appstore UK One Step Closer?


Amazon Loses Preliminary Appstore Battle

On June 22nd 2011 federal judge, Hon. Phyllis J. Hamilton denied Apple's preliminary motion that would have banned Amazon from continuing to use the term Appstore for its Android store.


HTC Evo 3D Due in the UK Any Day Now!


As many of you may have gathered by now, HTC Evo 3D is due any day now, available first through Vodafone!

If you are itching to get your Android hands on the very first 3D offering from HTC, it pays to be vigilant. To guarantee that you don't miss the boat and give yourself a longer wait in the possibly infinite queue, why not sign up with Heavenly Android and get an email alert the second that HTC Evo 3D is here?


3 Mobile All-You-Can-Eat Megabyte Munching Marathon


3 mobile are culinary champions, with their 'One Plan' being a megabyte (all-you-can-eat) munching buffet. It seems, unlike other carriers who have apparently had gastric bands, 3's stomach for data usage stretches as far as you like.


HTC Desire Will Get Gingerbread Update!


HTC seem to have gotten out of bed the wrong side yesterday when their PR released a statement on Facebook declaring that HTC Desire would not receive the Gingerbread 2.3 update they had promised for months. Seemingly they slept on the correct side last night and today had a change of heart. HTC Desire is now getting its Gingerbread update afterall, as they again stated on their UK Facebook wall!


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