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Vodafone UK Charges Android App Purchases to Bill

Vodafone android market.

Vodafone UK customers are the first to benefit from 'carrier billing', enabling any Android app purchases to be charged to their bill. As long as your android phone was purchased from Vodafone, you'll be able to enjoy this convenient way of buying apps, whether you're on pay monthly or pay & go.


HTC Evo 3D UK - Available on Contract!

HTC Evo 3D.

HTC Evo 3D was, until very recently, only available in a select amount of online shops, and not on contract either. Not anymore! Now you'll be thrilled to know it's fully unleashed in the UK, in all the places you expect it to be, with options on contract and handset only, sim-free.


Android App Development College Courses


So you've enjoyed the summer break and now it's time to pick up your GCSE/A level results and head off to pastures new. Maybe you already have a place at college, secured with your expected grades. What happens if you don't get the grades you need? Do you spend the next few months in a quandary, depressed and sulky, as your dream drifts further from your grasp? Or do you take a menial job stacking shelves in a supermarket for the minimum wage (if you're lucky enough to secure the post that is), resigning yourself to your fate?


Sell Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Recycling

Do you need to sell you mobile phone, fast? Have you asked friends and family if they want your phone, to no avail? So what is the next step? If you're like the majority of the UK population, you have decided to save it in a drawer, while you find a potential buyer, only for it to be forgotten for the next decade.


HTC Evo 3D - Finally Available in UK

HTC Evo 3D.

Ok folks, the waiting game of the past few months is over, at last! Vodafone may have dropped HTC Evo 3D due to its tardiness, but no fear, Heavenly Android has found the places that are the first to stock this long awaited android. You may now take your credit card from your wallet/purse, close your eyes, and prepare to part with £500. HTC Evo 3D is ready and waiting, at least in a select amount of online shops.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Not in the UK!

Apple Versus Samsung in Court Battle.

Any of you hoping to get your hands on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the very near future will be disappointed to hear that Apple have ensured this will not be a reality. At least not for the time being, as they have again thrown their apples from their virtual trees in a monumental tantrum, and won a preliminary battle to ban Samsung marketing or indeed selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all European countries except Netherlands, (luckily Apple couldn't get near their nether regions).


Introducing the Android Smartwatch - i'mWatch


If you think a watch should be more than just a timepiece/fashion statement, that simply stares back at you from your wrist with its twinkly face, and you don't mind a chunky, ocassionally vulgar piece of metal/plastic on your person, there's an array of tacky watches just for you; from calculator watches, camera watches to watches with 3 dials.


Desire 2.3 (Gingerbread) Update UK - If You Dare


The 2.3 (Gingerbread) update for HTC Desire has been a long time coming. For a few months now it's been a case of 'Will they? Wont they?' as they've kept us all guessing, posting on their Facebook wall telling us the Desire wont be getting the 2.3 update only to say on the very same wall only hours later that it will be getting it after all. It certainly got tongues wagging, in its absurdity; was it all a deliberate attempt to keep the rumour mill churning, with cheap publicity?


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