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Iconosys.Inc Pulls Apps from Google Market to Remove Excessive Permissions

Iconosys, android app developers.

Further to our article on Monday 19th September stating that Lookout Mobile Security had flagged '10 scary Halloween stories' by Iconosys as spyware, we can announce that the offending app and any other app by Iconosys has been removed from Google Android Market for the time being.


Turn Your Android into an iPhone

iCloned Android Phones & a Real iPhone.

Are you one of those people that's never quite satisfied and always want what you haven't got? The grass is always greener type person? If you fit this criteria, and you own an Android phone, you're probably wish that you had an iPhone... damn, if only you could afford the Apple price tag that goes with it!


Avoid Installing Spyware to your Android this Halloween

10 scary Halloween stories, android app.

Heavenly Android has been busily getting in the mood for forthcoming festivities such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. Yay! During our preparations we've been trying out a few android apps to get us into the spirit of things. Plus all of our android apps are hand picked by ourselves and we like to verify their usability so that we can pass on our favourite android apps to you with our Heavenly seal of approval.


ZTE Libra, Skate and Tureis UK Release Delayed!

ZTE Libra android phone.

If you've been skating around for an entry-level Android phone and have your heart set on either ZTE Skate, Tureis or Libra, you will have to wait a little longer. Nobody who follows Android news will be in the least bit surprised to hear that the ZTE Libra, Tureis and Skate's  release date has been delayed in the UK. It is becoming a recurrent theme in the Android phone world, and it seems almost mandatory to be fashionably late.


Nielson Names top 20 Mobile Apps

Nielson android app study.

Online media company Nielson has conducted the first mobile media rankings study, measured by actual android usage of apps. Although the findings are based on the US audience, it's likely to be a generally accurate global result showing android app trends. The results quite clearly showed a divide between sexes and the type of apps they utilized.


Cure Acne with Android Apps?

Acne removal android app.

There may come a time in the not so distant future when cures for troublesome ailments such as acne, headaches, or the common cold will be administered virtually, with the aid of a simple android app. Just as we can now live our day to day life without leaving our house; all that we need is a broadband connection and a computer and all our banking, utility, provisions, entertainment, social life, dating and almost anything else you care to mention can be taken care of with the click of a mouse.


Amazon Kindle Android Tablet this Autumn?

Amazon Android Tablet?

According to TechCrunch writer MG Siegler Amazon are on the verge of further fusing with the Android revolution around November this year. An Amazon Kindle Android tablet is apparently in its last stages of production, with software tweaks being the finishing touch they're currently working on. MG Siegler claims to have had 'hands on' time with the 7 inch device, a DVT (Design Verification Testing) unit version.


Blackberry Android Phones

BlackBerry to get Android apps.

In early 2012, new BlackBerry mobile phones (operating system QNX), will be Android enabled, according to Bloomberg News agency. This will kill 2 'blackbirds' with one stone, enabling the best of both worlds for die-hard BlackBerry enthusiasts. Not only will they be able to keep their beloved smartphones and BBM (BlackBerry messaging), they will also be able to access the infinite number of android apps from Google Android Market.


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