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Fun and Useful Android Accessories for Xmas

FoneM8 Bluetooth handsfree speaker.

The world has gone Android crazy this year and Heavenly Android is a willing victim. There is a good chance that the person you're hunting for Xmas presents for is already the proud owner of either an Android tablet/smartphone. Heavenly Android has taken the time to do your Christmas shopping for you, hunting out the coolest Android accessories on the planet that you may not have thought of or didn't know existed.


Beware - O2 Bolt On's can Cost You!

O2 Family bolt on.

Heavenly Android would like to offer a word of warning to O2 Pay & Go customers. As you will all be aware, if you miss your anniversary (the date when you need to add credit ), your tariff and bolt on's will be suspended until you top-up again. Okay, as I said we all know that. Obviously, if you are on Pay & Go there is a strong chance that you may not be able to fund a monthly contract, and therefore only add credit your situation allows. You will probably have noticed that from the moment you add credit you receive a number of SMS messages alerting you that your tariff and bolt-on's are now active again. Sweet.


Looking for Android Tablets for Xmas 2011 - Just Don't Buy a Turkey!


Christmas is racing towards us, there is nowhere to hide, it's definitely going to happen whether you're ready or not! If like the majority of the UK, Europe and America, you're suffering cash flow issues due to the economic climate, with prices rising for almost every essential living expense and little or no money to cover the costs, it's essential you make the correct choices when present buying.


Google Android Market UK, Rent your Movies Here!

Google Android Market movie rental.

Google Android Market movie and book rental has finally arrived here in the UK! It has been a whole 5 months since the initial announcement during Google I/O in May stirred some excitement. The wait was bearable, and the final item is pretty convenient, if a little pricey. As long as the cost doesn't put you off and you have enough memory for storage of your dowloaded films and books, you'll be in android heaven here. If you're more of a bookworm than a couch potato, Android Market is the virtual book shop for you.


Pouch - Your Virtual e-cash Wallet

NFC, virtual payment via your smartphone.

Do you fancy using your android smartphone as a virtual wallet? Shopping online and eventually in select high street stores, with no need for cash or credit/debit cards, is becoming a reality in the UK.


Data Roaming Abroad - Don't Get Stung!

Data roaming abroad.

If you're off on your holidays there is an endless list of things to remember; suncream, sunglasses, money, insurance, passport etc. Forgetting these things can be an annoyance or a complete nightmare. Another thing that's important to remember is to do your research on costs for using your phone abroad, otherwise a nightmare that can too frequently transpire involves incurring charges you weren't expecting from your mobile phone usage. The last thing you want to bring back from your holidays as a souvenir, besides memories of an holiday romance and a golden tan, is a phone bill you weren't expecting.


Amazon Kindle Fire Android Tablet - Not in the UK!

Amazon Kindle Fire android tablet. has announced the forthcoming Amazon Kindle Fire on its official site. It's available for pre-order just now for $199.99 (when it's available in the UK, it's likely to cost around £130!), and expected to ship around November 15, 2011, but only if you're in America! Just as the UK has yet to see their own version of Amazon Appstore, due to mitigating circumstances it's unlikely that Amazon's Android tablet will be relighting your fire this side of 2011.


Chomp is Your New Android App Search Engine

Chomp, android app search engine.

Chomp is a new and exciting mobile application search engine. It's a way of searching for android/iOS apps that uses more than just pot-luck to pull out the most relevant results for you. The days of searching fruitlessly for an elusive needle in a haystack may well be over if Chomp deliver the goods they as good as promise.

Using algorithms (a set of rules based on calculations) and search ads, Chomp hopes to better serve both app developers and consumers, tying the two together in a tasty app package to chomp your teeth into.


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