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T-Mobile's Full Monty Tariff Offers Unlimited Pleasure

T-Mobile Full Monty tariff.

It's almost a year ago since T-Mobile put all its loyal customers on rationed internet usage, tightening their megabyte gastric bands and reducing their intake from 3 GB to a hunger inducing 500 MB. Not nearly enough for ravenous Android devices. It seems T-Mobile has now realised the error of its ways, and has had its gastric band removed, thus allowing unlimited data usage on the 'Full Monty' tariff.


Do You Really Want or Need an Android Tablet?

Tablets or laptops?

Whether it's Android, Windows or iOS, smart tablets are the way to go; or at least this is what we're led to believe. In just over two years Android tablets have come a long way, to the point where they will soon be a serious threat to Apple iPad. The question remains though; do you actually need or want this fashionable piece of technology?


Samsung News at CES 2012 - Promises & Rumours!

Samsung promises all day battery.

Samsung have set tongues wagging at CES 2012 with rumours, promises and Android home security in the form of Samsung SmartCam. Below Heavenly Android takes a lingering look at Samsung's CES 2012 news, and some of it is going to get you real excited.


2TB of Android Memory Courtesy of Sony XQD Memory Cards

Sony XQD memory card.

One accessory that you just can't do without when you acquire an Android phone/tablet is a microSD card. The majority of Android phones come bundled with microSD cards (usually 2 GB), which for the majority of us is not nearly enough. Before virtually any time has elapsed we find the need to fill our microSD card slot to the hilt.


How Android and iPhone are Changing the Social Networking Scenario

Social networking sites.

It's time to carry the world in our pockets, and this is not just an expression. This is something that's taking place in the real world, all around us, as I speak. Technological advancement in the field of communication has made the world a smaller place, helping people to get in touch with each other easily.


Android Smartphone/Tablet 2011 Timeline - Part 4

HTC Sensation XL Android phone.

October - By October 2011, there were over 300,000 Android apps crammed into Google Android Market, and the amount was growing daily. Although Android app development had been thwarted with monetization issues and increasing risk of Spyware/Virus there was still healthy growth.


Android Smartphone/Tablet 2011 Timeline - Part 3

LG Optimus 3D, Android phone.

July - July saw the appearance of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) update, which had been anticipated since Q1 2011, begin to be rolled out within the UK. As usual, whether a phone received this update or not was at the mercy of individual manufaturers/carriers. There is a lot of unrest in the mobile phone industry generally, over the length of time a handset is supported.


Android Smartphone/Tablet 2011 Timeline - Part 2

Sony Ericsson xperia Play, a PlayStation certified Android smartphone.

April - April saw the release of the first Android smartphone to have PlayStation Certification, allowing PlayStation games to be downloaded and played using its dedicated integral physical game control pad. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play was expected to appeal to gamers in a similar way to the PSP. Within months, however, there would be a huge price crash as Sony Xperia Play's popualrity did not reach expectations. The matter was not helped with buggy software issues.


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