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O2 Wallet - Your Virtual Android Bank

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Thursday, 03 May 2012 06:00
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O2 Wallet is an alternative way to manage your money via your Android phone. Released into Google Play just a few days ago, it has received mixed reviews thus far. The crux of the matter that's rankling users seems to be the lack of NFC!

It seems there's justified reasoning behind the disappointment felt, as from 2007, O2 was the first company to launch a large scale pilot of NFC technology on mobile phones within the UK. Therefore, there is a substantial group of expectant people who fully anticipated NFC being implemented from launch of O2 Wallet.

O2 Wallet, Android app.

The news on this front is not all bad, as O2 have confirmed that NFC will be arriving in time and is merely delayed. As soon as investigations are complete concerning Project Oscar, a joint NFC project between Vodafone, Telefonica O2 and Everything Everywhere, NFC will be available on O2 Wallet.

That said, the majority of Android smartphone owners, who incidentally do not possess an NFC enabled phone as of yet, will be 'very happy thank you very much' to have the chance to, in essence, complete mobile banking transactions in such a convenient way.

James Le Brocq, Managing Director at O2 Money, said:

'O2 Wallet delivers the benefits of mobile money to more UK consumers than any other product or service currently available. With O2 Wallet, it’s easier to transfer money, track expenditure and pay swiftly and securely, all using your mobile. We believe it will transform the way people manage their finances and spend money.'

O2 Wallet in-app menu screen.

O2 Wallet - Digital Banking

O2 Wallet can be used on any smartphone, whether it's Android, iOS or BlackBerry, and you don't have to be an O2 customer either. It's a seamless digital purse that will keep your money as safe and secure as the crown jewels, with no personal information and financial data left vulnerable on your mobile device, as these details are kept on a remote central server. Plus it is double locked, a PIN gives you access and a password allows you to send and spend money.

O2 Wallet is open to any UK resident over the age of 13 with a UK registered mobile, no matter what network you're with.

Money Message - Imagine being able to settle that annoying debt that's being weighing you down with a simple text message. Consumers can transfer between £1 / £500 on a daily basis. So whether you want to lend, borrow or repay the dosh you owe, what could be simpler?

Online Shopping - Compare the price of an infinite amount of products with the help of a barcode scanner or search engine, from over 100 online retailers. Daily discounts and deals from shops such as Debenhams, Tesco Direct, Sainsburys Direct and Comet can be viewed from the 'My Offers' icon.

Your Mobile Wallet - Keep all of your credit and debit cards in one virtual place, O2 Wallet, taking the pain out of paying for goods via online transactions. No longer will you have to painstakingly enter your details over and over again. Besides using one of your cash cards, money can be transferred to your digital wallet by Money Message or from more than 30,000 locations that include; O2 stores, PayPoint and epay outlets.

You'll also receive a text alert whenever the balance of your O2 wallet changes and you can view your 30 day payment history from this app. A 12 month timeline of transactions is available to view online.

O2 Money Account Card - If you'd like more than what the app alone can offer, why not apply for an O2 Money Visa Account Card that allows you to shop till you drop on the physical high street with just a tap of this contactless payment card.

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