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What Exactly Does an Elephant Want with a Samsung Galaxy Note?

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Sunday, 08 April 2012 06:00

Elephants are the largest land dwelling mammals on Earth, and legend has it that they're terrified of mice. They're also one of the most intelligent non-human animals (although in some cases they're far superior!), and have photographic memories. It now seems that one particular elephant has become acquainted with one of the largest Android smartphones on Earth, Samsung Galaxy Note.

You would have been forgiven a few days ago in thinking that a story of an elephant playing with a smartphone was an April fool, however my own attempt at an April fool was far less spectacular, and besides there's video evidence.

Peter the Thai elephant with Samsung Galaxy Note.

It's long been known that elephants have a particular talent where painting is concerned, their enjoyment of technology is something else altogether.

Peter the 'genius' elephant, who resides in Ayutthaya, Thailand, managed to utilize almost everything the Galaxy Note had to offer in order to make a fantastic promotional video for Samsung. He needed very little encouragement to get to grips with the Android technology, albeit with the tip of his magnificent trunk, and seemed to be more adept than lots of human users.

During his playtime he managed to make sweet music, tapping and strumming a virtual xylophone and guitar, flick through onscreen pictures of apples and bananas, take a picture of himself and his lady friend and most impressively, he managed to take the S Pen stylus tool that comes with Galaxy Note in his trunk and draw a picture that looked for all the world like the profile of an elephants head. Amazing!

Peter the elephants drawing on Samsung Galaxy Note.

Rest assured that there was absolutely no camera trickery involved in this video shoot that Korean giants Samsung travelled down especially to capture, and Heavenly Android is so glad that they took the trouble.

The question is, after watching in wonder, is it a Samsung Galaxy Note that you want or an elephant of your very own?

Take a peek at this astounding and hilarious video below:

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