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Google Driverless Car Controlled by Android

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Sunday, 01 April 2012 06:00

Google never fails to surpass itself, and along with the likes of Richard Branson, eBay and a few select others, seems intent on taking over planet Earth. Now it seems Google is ready to exceed anything it has achieved before with a driverless car controlled solely by Android. We don't mean a little RC car either, we mean a full size, people carrying, luggage holding vehicle!

Okay, we are getting fairly acquainted with the idea of a car, such as Ford Mondeo, that parks itself, and most of us have probably heard rumours of self driving cars that have been road tested the length and breadth of California, 140,000 miles to be exact. So I suppose it was only reasonable to expect Google to add Android to the equation, especially in light of the fact that it is Google themselves that have been working tirelessly on self driven cars from the offset.


Google have championed driverless cars as being the ultra safe alternative that they hope will decrease traffic accidents by as much as 80%. In August last year however, there was a rather alarming hiccup in proceedings that threatened to put an emergency stop on the project, as Google's driverless car caused an accident involving 5 cars, but rather than putting a stop to their plans, it was revealed that the accident was due to human error and not the self driving element, and development continued at full speed.

But exactly where does Android come into play? For a start, with the aid of a simple Android app and Google maps, every aspect of your journey is planned and sent via Bluetooth to the cars computer, which incidentally is based entirely around the Android platform. As would be expected, there is also the option to use Google voice to input your destination.

Google self driving car coasting on the highway.

If you need to stop for petrol along the way, you simply choose this option and the car will automatically drive to the nearest petrol station, even locating a vacant pump, before continuing back to the programmed route. The same goes for other amenities such as grocery shops, take-aways, hotels and even hospitals. You can choose a specific location such as 'Asda', or can simply be driven to the nearest matching destination.

If you need to stop urgently you can simply choose an option on your Android phone and the car will stop safely as soon as possible. Much like Sony Xperia SmartTags, there will also be a couple of tags to attach to your key fob that you can tap against your phone, which will automatically transfer the information to the car, allowing you to set the car to night or day mode with a simple tap. So forget worrying about rain, fog or darkness, the car, along with your Android smartphone is wiser than you could imagine.

Wondering where you parked your car will be a thing of the past, as all data is stored on your Android app and your phone will guide you back when it's home time.

Similarly, music is controlled via a set choice you have installed into the app, allowing you to listen to whatever suits your mood, with a simple voice command. Oh, I almost forgot, there is also an inbuilt, hands free Android phone, to solve any issue of handsfree!

Although as little as two years ago Google were quite a way off from actual launch of their pet project, apparently it is now imminent, and we can expect such cars to be on our affluent relatives Xmas lists as early as November 2012. If only I could afford to treat my partner, because I know this will be his next car for sure.

Take a look at the exciting video below:

Update: Sorry to disappoint any of you but the above article, although based on solid fact, was subtly embellished in honour of April 1st, better known as April fools day. You may have to wait a few more years for Google's driverless car to be put into commercial production after all. Whether they will indeed implement Android into its workings is yet to be seen.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 April 2012 13:26 )

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