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T-Mobile's Full Monty Tariff Offers Unlimited Pleasure

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 06:00

It's almost a year ago since T-Mobile put all its loyal customers on rationed internet usage, tightening their megabyte gastric bands and reducing their intake from 3 GB to a hunger inducing 500 MB. Not nearly enough for ravenous Android devices. It seems T-Mobile has now realised the error of its ways, and has had its gastric band removed, thus allowing unlimited data usage on the 'Full Monty' tariff.

With 3 Mobile's 'One Plan' already offering a similar tariff, it's a sensible move on T-Mobile's part. There's no way that smartphone/tablet users will settle for a measly 500 MB portion either, as this is swallowed without even trying and certainly doesn't last anywhere near a month.

T-Mobile Full Monty tariff.

T-Mobile Full Monty is set to launch on February 1st and offers a goody bag that consists of uncapped, truly unlimited internet usage, unlimited texts and unlimited calls for £41 per month. This means no limit on downloading and streaming and also the ability to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot.

For £36 you get all the above, T-Mobile to T-Mobile, and an extra 2,000 minutes to call other networks.

T-Mobile got egg on its face when it tried to tempt its customers back in October 2011, with an ad campaign that was found to be misleading. ASA was quick to reprimand T-Mobile over their false claims to be offering truly unlimited internet, when in fact there was a fair use policy in place that blocked file sharing, internet calls and WiFi tethering.

All Full Monty tariffs are based on a 24 month contract.

T-Mobile hold a trump card too. All Full Monty customers will have full access to BT Openzone, via one click of an accompanying Android app. Which means you'll get WiFi almost anywhere, anytime, guaranteed!

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