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2TB of Android Memory Courtesy of Sony XQD Memory Cards

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Saturday, 14 January 2012 11:26

One accessory that you just can't do without when you acquire an Android phone/tablet is a microSD card. The majority of Android phones come bundled with microSD cards (usually 2 GB), which for the majority of us is not nearly enough. Before virtually any time has elapsed we find the need to fill our microSD card slot to the hilt.

At this time Android SD card slot limits stand at 32 GB of extra memory via microSD cards. Not nearly enough if you wish to download movies to watch at leisure. Although Cloud storage is now a viable solution, and indeed seems to be the preferred storage method of numerous Android maufacturers such as Amazon, whose Kindle Fire relies mainly on their own Cloud storage and does not have a micrSD slot.

Sony XQD memory cards will, in the first instance, be suitable for cameras such as Nikon DSLR D4, allowing enhanced continuous shooting speeds.

Sony XQD memory card.

However, Sony may be about to solve the storage issue that hungry Android users find themselves in. In February, Sony's first XQD memory cards will launch, promising speeds of up to 1 Gbps (125MB/s). Initially, 16 Gb/32 GB Sony XQD memory cards will be available with a 32 GB memory card priced at £150.

XQD Memory Android Future

Though initially Sony's new XQD memory cards won't be compatible with Android, the possibilities are as infinite as a blackhole. Sony claims that their XQD memory cards could swell to a massive 2 TB. Android is sure to see this potential and design Android phones and tablets to accommodate a 2 TB memory hike, just as Sony are sure to shrink XQD cards to microSD size at some point in the not to distant future.

Imagine a day when the dreaded 'painters pallette' icon never again appears in your notification bar declaring that your phones memory is getting low, which translated means you haven't a cat in hells chance of squeezing even one more Android app onto your device until you cull the ones you've already chosen to install.


Judging by advances in Android technology, such as quad core processors, the future of terabyte memory cards could be closer than you think. Imagine a time when your whole library of movies (hundreds of them) are housed on your smartphones memory card, and they play flawlessly every time!

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