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Iconosys.Inc Pulls Apps from Google Market to Remove Excessive Permissions

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Thursday, 22 September 2011 06:00

Further to our article on Monday 19th September stating that Lookout Mobile Security had flagged '10 scary Halloween stories' by Iconosys as spyware, we can announce that the offending app and any other app by Iconosys has been removed from Google Android Market for the time being.

Heavenly Android contacted Google Android Market and Iconosys to report this finding. There have been a number of customers reporting that once they'd downloaded any of these apps they were bombarded with messages that they didn't want and couldn't stop.

Iconosys, android app developers.

List of Iconosys Apps that were known to have excessive permissions on Google Android Market:

  • Christmas Countdown
  • Breaking Dawn Countdown
  • All I Want From Santa
  • Real Estate Buzzer

We've invited Iconosys to explain their (possibly innocent) situation, and have received a swift response from Wayne Irving, CEO at Iconosys.Inc. There seems to be a plausible explanation; below is the response in full that clearly underlines the reason for excessive permissions and steps that have been taken to rectify the problem.

'Thanks for the heads up here.  This is an example of a lazy developer or a heavy production schedule or both where a single line in the android manifest.xml file, whether there is relative code in the sourcecode or not that actually uses or needs your permissions.

In this case, about 30 of our most recent apps, from our catalogue of nearly 1000 have an androidmanifest.xml file that was not reconciled with the needs of the app or was lazily just "cut and paste" from another source to save time maybe.

Iconosys is committed and always will be to the safety and security of our clients/users and their personal information.

We feel that we have the largest, most useful catalog of safety apps in the world and have been heralded by more than 10,000 media outlets over the last 18 months for being so die-hard about making apps that have a purpose, some longevity, or solve real world problems.

While, we have pulled our entire catalog today to reconcile ALL androidmanifests (permissions), we remain committed to providing the first of kind and best of kind android and iphone apps that make our world safer for; my four children, my staff's children, their friends, and the rest of the children around the world where we can get to them, your discovery has appreciatively dealt a major humbling blow to our daily progress.

More than 1 Million people use our apps. Once this reconciliation/security stand-down is completed, we will re-publish our life-saving, life-enhancing safety apps.

Thanks again for your commitment to spreading the word about the good in apps, the great apps, and their relevance to our society.'

We are very happy to allow Wayne Irving to redress the argument and look forward to reviewing Iconosys.Inc apps very soon, free from excessive permissions!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 04 December 2011 15:16 )

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