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Nielson Names top 20 Mobile Apps

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Saturday, 17 September 2011 06:00

Online media company Nielson has conducted the first mobile media rankings study, measured by actual android usage of apps. Although the findings are based on the US audience, it's likely to be a generally accurate global result showing android app trends. The results quite clearly showed a divide between sexes and the type of apps they utilized.

Disregarding Google Android Market, Facebook, Google Maps and Gmail were the most popular among users age 18 years+. No surprise here then.

Data was collected from thousands of on-device meters over a 30 day period, where the overall percentage was counted and analyzed by Nielson. The result showed certain apps such as Pandora music streaming app and more than one version of angry birds to be popular with both men and women alike, whereas social apps varied between the two. Women opted for Facebook and twitter and men leaned towards Google+ (a new social app).

Females swayed towards apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Kindle (e-book reader) and Words With Friends, whereas the majority of males preferred Google Maps, Mail, Google+, Quickoffice Pro and Amazon App Store, which we unfortunately can't access here in the UK at this point in time.

Nielson android app study.

Genuinely useful android apps seemed to have won the day, especially social messaging apps, with not a whisper of android games to be seen other than Angry Birds.

This study by Nielson offers a fascinating insight into the way we use our android devices, and also shows which apps are most useful and trusted by the average smartphone user.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 September 2011 12:58 )

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