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Vodafone UK Charges Android App Purchases to Bill

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Thursday, 01 September 2011 06:00

Vodafone UK customers are the first to benefit from 'carrier billing', enabling any Android app purchases to be charged to their bill. As long as your android phone was purchased from Vodafone, you'll be able to enjoy this convenient way of buying apps, whether you're on pay monthly or pay & go.

With no need for a credit card, Vodafone, and android app developers, hope to see an increase in sales of paid apps. This might be the first step needed to encourage people to pay for apps, something that android phone users have been reluctant to do. With Amazon's UK Appstore seeming unlikely to be on the horizon any time soon (which promised easier app payments), possibly due to their ongoing court case with Apple, it's good to have an alternative method of paying for apps.

Vodafone android market.

Pay monthly customers will be charged for all downloads on their monthly bill. Be careful nevertheless, as Vodafone allows a whopping  limit of £250 per month for app purchases. Before you realise, you may have reached this, as it's so easy to buy without thinking.

You will not be able to buy apps costing over £30 using Vodafone billing, and thankfully, there aren't many of you that would pay this amount for an android app in the first place.

Germany is next to follow, and carrier billing will then be unrolled in other parts of the world. Let's hope that other carriers follow suit. It will be a pleasure to purchase apps this way.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 February 2012 17:03 )

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