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Everything Everywhere Frees your Android

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 06:00

On a recent weekend getaway to Snowdonia, to a small but beautifully formed Welsh village known as Beddgelert, my partner discovered the full power of Everthing Everywhere. Having been blighted with a connection problem when he visited Cumbria the year before, he was dismayed to find he had the same issue, a zero signal on his android, which was using T-Mobile. I also had absolutely zero chance of surfing my android with my phones O2 connection. Both were as dead as a dodo.

We hadn't gone to Snowdon to spend 2 nights and 3 days lounging in a hotel room, fingers glued to our phones; we had actually chosen to visit a dog friendly hotel, taking my chihuahua along for a little rock climbing! Although, of course, being android addicts, we felt like our oxygen had been cut-off as we contemplated 3 phone free days.


The charming hotel we stayed in, Bryn Elgwys, although set in a stunning location, was even unable to receive Sky TV. The problem was a huge mountain, nestled slap bang at the back of the hotel, blocking out Sky's satellite and almost every other signal as well. We had resigned ourselves to our predicament until my partner suddenly remembered; he could switch to Orange, as T-Mobile and Orange had joined forces in 2010 (known as Everthing Everywhere), giving wider coverage for their customers, meaning anyone with either T-Mobile or Orange could switch between either any time they wished to. everything

Lo and behold, a full signal was restored, along with our sanity; meaning we could also browse my partners iPad, using the android's portable Wi-Fi hotspot. The dog also proved to be a mini rock-climbing champion!

BT is collaborating with Everthing Everywhere later this year, helping to bring broadband and therefore Wi-Fi to the remotest parts of Britain who are still without a broadband connection of any kind.

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