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Facebook App Centre Launched in US - UK Will Follow Shortly

Facebook Appstore.

Facebook have finally submerged themselves into Android with their new app centre. It was only a matter of time! There will be an element of personalisation as recommendations will depend on other apps downloaded and also apps their Facebook friends favour. With more than 600 apps already available, including Spotify and Flixster, and only quality apps making the grade, it's sure to be a huge success.


Daily Self Study Via Phone App - Will You Participate?

Self Perception varies from person to person and animals too.

Behavioural scientists at Edinburgh University are conducting a study of human self-perception, and you could participate via an Android app. The aim is to get a better understanding of the general mood within the UK, and how moods and feelings change and fluctuate. Each individual who takes part will complete a short online survey and then answer questions twice daily for 8 days. Data collected will in due course be published in academic journals or presented at conferences.


Angry Birds Space Malware Scandal

Angry Birds Space malware scare.

Google Play is supposedly the safest place to browse and install apps to your device. Google is the founder of all things Android technology based, and you would expect to have no worries if you choose to use their appstore. Of course, many of you may already be aware that this is just not the case at all!


Cocorobo Android Controlled Talking Vacuum Cleaner With a Personality!

Cocorobo, a Japanese robot vacuum cleaner controlled via smartphones.

Vacuuming is not most peoples idea of fun, especially if they have enough stairs and carpet to fill a football pitch. In fact it can be back-breaking and time consuming and is a thankless task to put it politely. Japan may have the answer to every housework haters prayers, in the shape of a robot vacuum with a huge personality that's controlled by Android!


O2 Wallet - Your Virtual Android Bank

O2 Wallet, Android app.

O2 Wallet is an alternative way to manage your money via your Android phone. Released into Google Play just a few days ago, it has received mixed reviews thus far. The crux of the matter that's rankling users seems to be the lack of NFC!


Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 - Dare to Miss IT!

Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 Android app.

As we reported on Monday, Samsung's marketing machine was still in full swing concerning the most anticipated Android phone of 2012, Samsung Galaxy S3. Hints and insinuations were increasing by the millisecond, with rumoured specs leaked via numerous sources including a video on Amazon Germany that was promptly removed.


What Exactly Does an Elephant Want with a Samsung Galaxy Note?

Peter the Thai elephant with Samsung Galaxy Note.

Elephants are the largest land dwelling mammals on Earth, and legend has it that they're terrified of mice. They're also one of the most intelligent non-human animals (although in some cases they're far superior!), and have photographic memories. It now seems that one particular elephant has become acquainted with one of the largest Android smartphones on Earth, Samsung Galaxy Note.


Android Tablets Could Replace Books in Schools

A vision of our future classrooms.

Imagine a future where your child is issued with an Android tablet on their first day at school, before they even know their ABC's. A single hardware replacement for a school bag full of books that over the years gets filled to back breaking proportions.

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