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Fantastic Video and Photo Sharing Apps

LagFilms - Ooops - SnagFilms Buffs Your Android Film Experience

SnagFilms screenshot.

SnagFilms, an indie movie streamer, has been around a while but has only been available on Android since December 2011. Being a huge fan of movies and documentaries, the more obscure the better, I finally got around to downloading this app onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and gave it a whirl.


LoveFilm's Biggest Rival Netflix Arrives in the UK

Netflix video streaming service.

Folks, what many of you have been waiting for is finally here. Netflix! America's most popular on-demand video streaming service arrived in the UK on 9th January 2012. With over 24 million subscribers in the United States, it's almost certainly going to be just as popular over here in the United Kingdom. Even better news is that there's an Android app, so you can enjoy streaming TV series and films on your Android tablet/smartphone.




If you always dreamed you would grow up to be an astronaut, from the time you watched Tom Hanks in 'Apollo 13' as a kid, or you simply have an interest in all things astrology, NASA App should already be installed on your android. If it isn't, what you waiting for? Or have you just not known of its existence. This is an excellent app if you have a natural curiosity, a thirst for knowledge. Perfect for anybody who gazes at the night sky in wonder and amazement on a clear night.




If, like us at Heavenly Android, you've been on a treasure hunt since the dawn of android phones, seeking a perfect, and more importantly free music video app, available in the UK, you need look no further. VEVO is what you've been searching high and low for, in the bottomless pit that is Android Market. VEVO delivers all of your music video yearnings in a very neat, if rather large (4.03 MB), gift-wrapped android package.


Droid Streamer Pro


Droid Streamer Pro, currently in beta, is as the name suggests, an android app that streams films and tv shows to your mobile device completely free of charge. Droid Streamer claims to be completely legal as it's not them that own the programmes, they stream everything available from YouTube and other similar sites.


Qik Video Connect


Qik Video Connect is probably the only video calling/video sharing app you will ever need on your Android phone.Talking to your friends face-to-face, when you can't be with them in person, has never been easier to do on your android phone. View who is available for video chat, from a list. Streaming videos live, as you record them, is a breeze.


Adobe Photoshop Express


Adobe Photoshop Express meets most of your android photo requirements. You can tweak any photo to the desired effect by simply pressing the edit icon (pencil) and choosing an image. You then have the choice to crop, straighten, rotate and flip. You can change the contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, tint or can change the photo to black and white. There is also a soft focus option and a limited amount of effects and borders, plenty for you to play around with.


PicSay - Photo Editor


PicSay is one of the most established photo-editing android apps with a huge cult status. There is plenty on this editing app to keep you occupied. Picsay runs smoothly and is very intuitive to use. Everything you create can be saved to your sd card and therefore be printed. Choice of editing options include:


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