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mysms - Tablet Texts (beta) - Saves You Shed Loads of Money

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 06:00
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There usually comes a point in time when you find yourself without any texts at a time when you desperately need them. When this time arises it is maddeningly frustrating. Of course, quite a few of us have unlimited texts, but there's a good chance that we have still found ourselves in this situation in the past, and we could find ourselves in the exact same place in the future.

If we take the time to do a smidgen of research however, we need never be without the ability to send sms again. One such Android app that fits this need is mysms. There are two versions of mysms on Google Android Market; mysms - Phone & Computer Texts and mysms - Tablet Texts (beta), which is optimised for Android tablets. Plus there are a couple of other mysms apps to change the style and increase font size.

mysms - Tablet Texts (beta), free sms Android app.

Once you choose to download mysms you will be able to send and receive texts free, to whoever you wish who has also installed mysms, straight from your Android smartphone, tablet or your desktop PC. Best of all, all of your contacts are synced straight to your inbox from your Android phone contact list, and you can view the whole conversation with each person in a way that is more user friendly than Google Mail, from whichever device you have at hand.

Simply register your phone number and your fingers can do the talking. Once mysms is synced between all of your devices, and as long as you have internet connectivity, you'll never miss a text message again, as you'll receive a notification each time.

Although it's early days, and even though mysms - Tablet Texts (beta) is still in beta, this appears to be the best free sms app that we've come across here at Heavenly Android, and there have been zero issues so far. Sms is received almost instantly with no annoying delay, and unlike other free messaging apps, you almost feel like you're using your default text system.

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#1 Rich 2012-02-15 11:20
It's basically the same as kik, what's needed is an add on for Gmail so instead of just emails you should be able to convert an email so it could be sent as a text. If you charged 99p for the apprentice but only let the application work say 10 times a month so that it's their for just for emergencies, then people can't take advantage!

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