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Vonage Mobile - Text & Talk Free

Written by HeavenlyAndroid   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 06:00
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You can now text and talk for free worldwide with Vonage Mobile VoIP service for Android. Rolled out only days ago, to both Android and iOS, you can now chat to anyone you wish, so long as they've also downloaded Vonage Mobile and you have either a WiFi or 3G connection.

Eager to test this penny saving Android app, I pestered a couple of friends to download it, so that I could see for myself just how good it was. Below is a synopsis of what I found.

Is Vonage as Good as They Say?

Vonage Mobile is easy peasy to set-up. Once you've accepted the terms and conditions tap the flag icon next to your phone number that's already in-situ and choose your relevant country. Add your email address and enter the activation code that appears on your screen. The next step is to simply tap the bar at the bottom of the screen whereon your contacts will be synced, and then your good to go.

You can now invite friends to join, text and make free calls to anyone else who has downloaded this app, view recent calls or add credit if you wish to call and text a friend who has not installed Vonage Mobile. Even when calling your Vonage-less friends it is still 70% cheaper than other major carriers and 30% cheaper than Skype.

Vonage Mobile Android app.

Actual call quality is not, I'm afraid, as good as Vonage or Google Android Market user comments would have you believe. HD audio is what they promise to deliver, and although voice quality is not too bad, it's nowhere near as good as my mobile phones usual sound quality, and there's an extremely annoying delay of around 5-10 seconds. Plus the background is plagued with unwanted noise.

The calls that I made had what sounded like dripping water droning away, which in itself was bad. Add to that the lag and I was desperate to throw this app through the virtual door. Both myself and friends swiftly headed to App2SD, pressed uninstall, and waved bye-bye to what is a free service that makes you want to scream. If all phone services were like this it certainly wouldn't be 'good to talk'.

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