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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 06:00
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If you're a savvy shopper, always looking for bargains, this is an app that's right up your street. No doubt you have being making use of voucher sites online since the day they were first thought of, because you aren't the sort of person who is going to pay more than you have to for anything. Your shopping, the same as mine, consists of 2 for 1 this and 2 for 1 that. When the recession is well and truly over, we will be the only people who have actually managed to save, the only ones with a smile on our face when we visit the bank. It's excellent to know then, that those nice android app developers are looking out for the likes of us, isn't it?

vouchercloud has a myriad of money saving offers, from BOGOF pizzas to BOGOF admission to water parks to work off all those calories.

Simply download and install vouchercloud to your android and register so that your area can be located via GPS. All relevant vouchers and savings can now be browsed, anytime, anywhere, from your clever little android.


Choose what you want to search for from the icons at the top of the screen, use the compass icon at the top left-hand corner to refresh. Alternatively search by distance, popularity or A-Z.

From menu:

  • Login/Logout - logout or login here
  • Search - Search more specifically for something
  • My cloud - Wallet (tap download icon arrow) next to offer to save to wallet
  • History - Used vouchers are shown here
  • Settings - General settings, logout, change email, password, location settings etc

Once you have chosen an offer, you will be able to view a map location, terms and conditions, information; phone number, website address and an option to flag the offer if it is no longer valid or something such as an address is incorrect before committing to it. If you are sure you want the voucher press 'Use Voucher', 'Show Code' and, once you have made a note of your unique voucher code, 'Finish'.

Orange customers get exclusive offers with vouchercode too. Shame I'm with O2!

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